On Second Thought

I feel better since I decided to work out.  I did my circuit training in a new spot, my bedroom.  It was so sunny in that corner of my apartment, it made me feel good.  My nose cleared up a little and my muscles felt good and warm to have blood in them again. 
I got my interview rescheduled for tomorrow afternoon, and they didn't even seem that inconvenienced. 
On Monday night after Zach sneaked into my bath (my plan worked brilliantly as usual) and soaked his sore foot, I had to carry him to the couch.  I had my towel on him, and I had nothing on.  My husband said, almost in disbelief, "Wow, I can really tell you've lost weight!"  I answered his disbelief with, "Really?"  It's not like he hasn't seen me in that 'outfit' in the last two months, but maybe he just wasn't looking.  Anyway, it made me feel really good and gave me a confidence boost that is making me brave enough to post one of the photos from the contest entry.  Warning, there were strict rules about how much skin needed to be showing, so it is pretty horrifying.  I took more photos today, in the same outfit.  I don't mind if you laugh at my extreme hat head in today's shots, I had limited time to get this done, and wanted to do it before I chickened out.  So, here is me being brave!

The top photo is from 12/1/10, when I was just getting started, the second one is from 2/2/11.  I included the bottom one just because I am so proud I can actually wear a size 1X shirt, it has been years. I always thought that people doctored before and after photos, but man, my hair looks brutal in all three!  Maybe my 25 pound mark would be a good time to reward myself with a makeover!  That's only 13 pounds away.  Hope everyone finds the power to turn their bad days around to a positive outcome.  Happy Wednesday!


  1. You're on your way... ;) :) I'm VERY "glad," to see...you continue, to push yorself through the negative issues, that arise. *You ALSO, CAN "SEE"...how much HAPPIER, you are with yourself...& your PROGRESS!! 0;) <3 Good Luck...tomorrow, a.m.


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