Phat Pharm(aceuticals)

Happy Friday!  I have been busy continuing to nurse my sick and injured family, and continue to attempt to knock out my own cold.  My husband was diagnosed with pneumonia on Wednesday, and I have been popping vitamin C and slurping down Zinc and oil of oregano like its candy.  There have been a long line of OTC drugs I'm using too, from DayQuil, Pseudophed, ibuprophen, Mucinex, and cold and flu nighttime stuff.  I am determined to not have my cold turn into pneumonia.
My workouts have been a little scattered as of late.  I missed today's weight work.  I could have done it, and still could, but I think I should rest today.  I think part of the reason my husband's cold turned into pneumonia is because he continued to lift insane amounts of weight at the gym when he was sick.  That is really taxing on the central nervous system and immune system.  I might do a little extra cardio after I finish blogging.  My priorities are in the right place, eh?
With all the drying agents I have been taking, and the MASSIVE amounts of fluids I am consuming, I have lost another pound.  I was 174 when I woke this morning.  The drugs are making me so PHAT!   I am hoping those pounds wont come back, but wont be completely surprised if they make a brief reapperance.    My eating has been slightly off too.  Part of it is the impending hormonal reality on its way, but some of it is being sick and watching my husband eat whatever he wants.  Oh yeah, he has decided he doesn't want to be a body builder anymore, and isn't even going to compete in the contest he was training for all year.  He has loftier goals in mind, and I support him completely.  As for my own goals, I have been so focused on other stuff that I haven't made time for thinking about what I want.  The end of the contest is less than 6 months away, and my progress has been slow.  I think Monday will bring about a fresh start of sorts.  I have been eating on plan, but not sticking to 3 or less hours between meals.  Sometimes I eat at 2 hours, sometimes 4.  It has been very inconsistent.  I also had a couple servings of bean soup yesterday.  Let me tell you, if you have given up beans for a while, it really isn't worth eating a whole bowl of various mixed beans just because the warm salty seasoning might make your nose less stuffy.  Warm tea would have done the trick.  I paid the price later, holy fiber Batman! 
At any rate, things will always be popping up to potentially derail you, if you let the indulgence of the act be more desirable than the act itself.  We are planning on ordering pizza tonight, and I am going to be very reserved in my consumption, but I will enjoy every last minute of it.  And when its done, I will go right back on plan.  I going to be small enough to wear cute little strappy dresses and tank tops this summer, or I will die trying!


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