I've Got More In Me

Such a cool day!

Yesterday was so fun.  I woke up feeling energized and happy, as if something big was going to happen.  I was thinking it might be the day I get the job I've been hoping for.  I saw a number I liked on the scale.  I accomplished my 50th blog on The Big Fat Hurt.  Life was just perfect.  My entire body was humming, the way you feel after a great meal.  My circuit workout thouroughly kicked my butt, and when I was finished, I felt so good about the effert I exerted that I looked in the mirror and told myself, "You're one strong mutha'", which made me laugh.  After circuits, I went for a walk outside for cardio.  It was in the high 40's and misting, and it felt like spring, which only heightened my already soaring spirits.  On my walk, I encountered not one but two attractive men out walking (one of them had a beautiful dog) and exchanged hellos with each of them.  I felt like the world was coming toward me because, for the first time ever, I was open to it.  That sounds like the book The Secret, which I read in a totally cynical mindset, but now I am thinking there might be something to that theory.  I can't expect people to want to be around me, if I am trying to shut the world out.  Once I open myself up, it allows the light in. 
When I got home from my half hour cardio session, my lungs were hurting, but I wasn't feeling anything else but GOOD.  I went to the mirror to see if I looked as happy as I felt. I did.  It doesn't translate well in the photos, but it's there, the twinkle in my eye.  When I looked back at the photos, I couldn't believe what I saw.  I look at myself in the mirror all the time, but the photos really stunned me.  Do my neck and shoulders really look like that?  I haven't seen my body as anything but obese in so long, that the photos looked wrong to me.  Afterwards I put on a former tight-fitting shirt and it hung off me like a maternity top.  Guess it's true.  And the best part about it is, I'm not even done. 
A few years ago, when I was trying to lose weight on my own, through sheer willpower, I made myself a journal of sorts, mostly photos of women whose physiques inspire me, cut from Oxygen magazine.  Around the photos I would write famous quotes or make up phrases of my own, to help inspire me.  One of my favorites was a photo of a fitness model, nice and muscular, lifting a weight with such power and determination.  Below the photo I put my own words: I've got MORE in me!  And sometimes, when I am lifting to failure and I think I am almost at that point, I say that phrase to myself and helps push me beyond my comfort zone.  For every person who assumed I was weak, lazy, and would never be able to stick to something healthy, and to all my self-neglect and abuse, I had found a phrase that helped me dig deep and find out my own true grit.  Beginning a journey to health begins with, and needs to be continually renewed by, your mind.  
What's your favorite phrase? 
Yesterday was awesome, and today is shaping up to be a repeat.  Hope you all have an awesome day as well!


  1. Mental "health," IS VITAL...in ALL areas/situations, in life! You're doing, sooo much "more," for yourself...than, losing weight! That's merely, 1 of the "perks"/BONUS! Tunnel "vision," works...for some, but; MOST of us, have other thoughts/emotions/"obligations," we HAVE to "incorporate"...day-to-day. ;) :)
    *There's ANOTHER, GOOD" program...I (ran across ;) the other night (watched a "marathon, of it...til I couldn't stay awake) called: *I used to be fat.* To see, THAT transformation; &, ALL the..."everyday," stuff they have to get through/push past...IS also, VERY "INSPIRING!"
    My "phrase," (right now ;) *FORGIVENESS...IS FOR THE STRONG!* This ALSO "applies, to MANY areas/situations...in life. MORE POWER TO YOU! (WILL ALWAYS, be my "fave..." ;)

  2. I stopped over from Simple Dude :) I want to give you a thumbs up, you look really pretty in your pictures, and I love your positive attitude :) I'd love to support you in your journey and learn more, so I will definitely come back!!

  3. I do work out dvds with Jillian Michaels and she has some great Jillian-isms... I like when she tells me that I am strong, there's nothing I can't do, and if I want results, they don't come for free. During a work out, I find this very motivating.

    I think you and I have some things in common, I'm looking forward to following you!!


    PS - I see the twinkle :)

  4. I always imagine Jillian Michaels or Bob Harper are screaming encouragement in my ear to get me to push out one more rep. This usually works. Well done Amy, you are an example.

  5. Girl, I think you are going to be my new inspiration. I have gotten off track lately so I needed that. Thanks, and I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog when I have the time.


  6. I checked out your blog from Simple Dude's "pimping" you out! ;) I've been trying to lose weight myself, and have been blogging about it, though not exclusively. I think you can provide some motivation! Oh, and I just got over being sick as well, and I still managed to lose weight! My theory is that coughing is the best kept cardio secret!


  7. I popped over from Simple Dude too. Pimping works.

    Good luck on your journey! When I was at my lowest after my divorce with a back injury and a toddler, thinking I couldn't take it another day, someone said to me, "You are strong." She was right, and you are strong too. If anyone tells you can't meet your goals, they are wrong. You are strong.

    P.S. 35-40 grams of fiber a day obtained mostly through vegetables helps...and a trainer.


  8. Simple Dude was right, he has the best readers. And now, I do. Your support means the world to me, and drives me to go even harder. I am delighted to have you all along for the ride!


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