Bring on Spring!

169.  I rubbed my eyes in disbelief when I saw the number on my scale this morning.  I don't know why I am losing this weight, I have just returned to my exercise plan after nearly a week off due to illness.  I wonder if my antibiotic has anything to do with it, it has given me some GI issues the past couple days.  I guess I am just happy to see the numbers falling down, but I am worried that they won't be permanent, because I am not doing anything very different than last month, when I stayed at 178-9 for nearly an entire month. 
Then again, I have stopped putting creamer in my cofee in the morning.  I always use the sugar-free kind, but it still has calories and a small amount of fat.  I like the way it tastes, and when I have it in the house, I pour more than I should into each cup, and I drink at least 4 cups/day.  I guess that could be one of the reasons.  I will intentionally not buy it from now on.  I have also cut back slightly on my fruit and grains consumption from 3 down to 2 servings of each per day.  None of this was planned, we are just struggling financially right now. 
I have been thinking about a career path again lately, and I am still somewhat drawn to the culinary arts.  The fact that you can be expressive and make your food an artform is intriguing to me.  I am a big Gordon Ramsay fan, and this morning, just for fun I checked out his website.  There is a tab for "careers".  Can you imagine working for one of the best chefs in the world?  It sounds very inviting on the website, and there are several openings in his restaurants abroad.  That made me dig a little deeper and check out what is involved in becoming a chef.  It is really hard work.  Then I wondered, does being a foodie neccessarily make you a good fit for being in the culinary field?  If I could chose a place to work, it would be Charm City Cakes.  I think making cakes would be so fun.  Those folks are seriously talented.  All of these thoughts led me to yet another question, is it possible to be a fit chef/pastry chef?  Hmmm... 
I am in such high spirits today, and only a little bit of it has to do with the scale.  I got such great sleep last night that I woke up feeling so refreshed and rejuvinated, then I went outside and it felt like spring.  It has been unseasonably warm the past few days, and so much snow has melted.  The clouds from last night's rain showers were lingering this morning, adding a bit of fog and a drizzling feeling to the warm air.  I felt so alive walking my kids to their bus stops.  After I do my ciruit training today, I am going to go for a walk outside and enjoy this uncharacteristic weather before the cold/snow reality starts back in tomorrow.  But, there should only be about another month of snow, and then the real springtime will begin.   I am looking forward to spring and summer more than I have since I was a kid.  I think I might be able to shop in the normal size sections of the clothing stores, which will be a true triumph!
After not being able to workout for a week, I am so greatful to have it back.  It makes me realize how important our health is, not just the little things like bronchitis, but any debilitating, long-term diseases that threaten to be life-long obstacles.  I think I live in a city that might qualify for the fattest citizens, or at least, highest percentage of obese people in one area.  It's not a cut, but reality.  We are surrounded by the tastiest cheese and beer on every corner.  People in their 30's and 40's seem to handle obesity OK, but it seems like after 40, all the aches and pains start coming, along with those long-term health problems.  It is a known fact that after the age of 35, you start to lose muscle mass if you do not work to keep it.  Also, for us women, once the hormones start to change, it is way harder to lose weight, and the health risks, post-menopause, are only complicated by being overweight.  I turned 38 in December, and I vowed to myself that I would look and feel better than I ever had, by the time I hit 40.  I intend to age gracefully, with energy and flexibility, and have the bloodwork of a 20-year old, because that's how I feel!  Bring on Spring!


  1. How about looking for a job in a local restaurant and gaining experience before aiming for the big leagues? Like you say it is a lot of hard work and training.


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