Weasy Without George

I finally dragged my sorry butt to the doctor to have a listen to my lungs, which started to hurt enough to keep me awake for a while last night.  Bronchitis, sinusitis and ear infection.  I am on a round of antibiotics and have an inhaler to use, because he said I sound "weasy".  I am hoping to be back in workout mode by Monday, but I will let my lungs dictate my activity.  I also had him check out a suspicious red, rough spot on my arm, near the elbow.  It appeared last weekend, the size of a pin head, and now it is 4mm wide and rough.  Of course, the first thing I did was google red rough spot on skin, and a bunch of melanoma articles popped up, so of course I panicked.  That was also a part of my sleeplessness last night, worrying about the possibilities of having skin cancer.  Not to mention, the thing was itching last night.  So anyway, the doc looked at it and said right now it just looks like a mole (ewww), but to keep my eye on it if it continues to grow.  Let me restate, EWWWW.  It just looks like a red spot to me, but I bet it'll turn into a plump, hairy mole.  My grandma had one of those on her chin, and I was always little sqeamish about looking at it.  Anyway, I will take said hairy lump on my skin if it means I don't have cancer.  Time will tell.
After waiting for my meds at the pharmacy, I was so tired and the idea of buying pre-made lunch somewhere sounded so good and comforting.  I was even considering making some Ramen Noodles with tofu for lunch, but when I saw the carb content, my senses came back to me.  My husband and I will be going out to dinner tomorrow night, so I will save my cheat for that.  Not eating crap is going to be what gets me through this illness, especially since I haven't worked out most of the week, and probably not the weekend either. 
Well, I am going to retire to the couch and try to catch a catnap before I pick up the kids from school.  I am so glad its the weekend!


  1. I prefer to call them..."beauty marks!?!" ;p It could also be, excema, or psoriasis...??? There are lotions, (Aveno, eucerin, cortisone, vitamin e ;) Psoriasis, can be WORSE! We have issues, w/ some of this...in the family. Keep area clean, & dry, *Also...watch soaps...including laudry soaps, softners...ect. They can "IRITATE!" :/


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