Call Me Stella

Call me Stella, cuz I finally got my groove back.  After my last post, I went outside to check the mail.  It was supposed to be nice today, so I dressed lightly.  Whatever temp it is, the wind is blowing a lot, so I ended up jogging back to my apartment.  And that's when I noticed that my lungs weren't hurting.  I decided to take advantage and workout.  Muscles today.  As I was doing each movement, I felt the warmth of blood going into the muscles that hadn't been worked in a week.  It felt soooo goooood.  And, I was going to take things a little easy and just do the 10-12 reps of each instead of going to failure on my last set, but I was feeling so good by the third set that I did each movement til failure.  Wow, that was a challenging workout!  I feel FANTASTIC!  And more than that, it feels like it loosened things up in my lungs even more.  I didn't even need my inhaler today.  Think I am recovering from the bronchitis nicely.  Now to continue recovering from obesity. 
Hope everyone's feeling great and getting their groove on!


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