Cozy Spot Inside the Box

Today is my first day of rest for week 2 of my Live Fit Trainer program, and it came in perfect time.  I have been noticing my immune system feels a slight bit compromised, and I think I might be ever so slightly over-trained.  Not that I can't handle what I'm doing, but my body will probably just take a little longer to get accomodated to the amount of workload, since I have been so inconsistent with my training in the past year.  I do miss my cardio a little bit, because it is pretty simple compared to weight training, but one of the great things I am gaining from this program is changing my mentality to not live and die by cardio.  I have known that the health/physique benefits of weight training far outweigh those of cardio activity, but I just never challenged myself to act on that knowledge.  That is pretty typical of us overweight folks, isn't it?  Most of us know what to do, to some extent, but the hard part is commiting to doing it.  And then, actually doing it.
My mind is so different right now.  I am not stressing out over food or thinking about ways to eat junk in private so no one will judge me, I am not sad about my body or worrying about what others think of me.  It almost feels like a non-issue right now, I just stick to the plan that's laid before me, and I don't have to deal with any of that other stuff.  I know a huge part of that is because I broke the sugar addiction again.  I was actually eating pretty clean, South Beach-style diet the week before I began this program, so the sugar addiction was taken care of, but I was worried by the higher carb content that the Live Fit program allows.  My body is handling it really well, and I am not finding any desire for sugary treats at all.  The truth is, if you are following the training and sticking to the workouts, your body needs those carbs/starches.  There is a really nice balance to this plan, I think that's why it's easy to stick to.  In the final phase, there will be carb cycling, which I have seen my husband acheive pretty dramatic results from, so I am interested to see how my body will handle that.  My husband's body is a finely-tuned instrument, mine is not quite to that level yet.
The structure of the program is leading to discipline for me, which I've mentioned before, was something I learned from this trial, that I really need in order to stay focused.  But even better, I am not as emotionally reactive/pensive about the whole thing either.  I don't spend hours and hours thinking about what I'm doing, wishing I could binge on something, or looking forward to the weekend so I can let loose and eat all kinds of garbage.  I don't think about it much at all.  I am living inside the box, and that would drive some people nuts, but for me it actually makes me more sane than having a lot of choices.  So all those months that I let slip by, wondering what was different, and how to get back to the "focus" I had when I started, the answer was STRUCTURE.  I am a very undisciplined person without it, and I react very emotionally to lack of it.  It is like a cozy security blanket for me.  Learning this now is so instrumental to my success, it feels like a weight has been lifted, not having to try to figure out how to make this work for me again.  I'm not saying I'll never have an off day, but I'm not even planning ahead for any kind of failure.  I know I can keep up with what I need to do as long as I have a solid plan in place.  What a relief to understand my body in this manner!  It probably makes for really boring blog posts, but that will change once I start experiencing the results of my hard work.
Tonight we will likely go to our favorite restaurant, and I will order the grilled chicken fajitas and just eat the chicken and veggies, maybe one small tortilla and some guacamole.  My body feels really good after that meal, and since I don't have to cook it, it really feels like a treat!  The weather is supposed to be hot and stormy this weekend, so I think we will be spending most of it indoors.  That will leave plenty opportunity for getting some stretching in, and prepare myself to begin week 3 of the program on Monday.
Here's to making it through another successful week!  Have a great weekend everyone!


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