Rethinking Goals

Yesterday I chose to sleep in, because I had the rare opportunity to use my lunch break to get in some cardio.  I hadn't factored in the weather.  It was beautiful in the morning, and I even found myself having to close the patio door because my kids were chilly as we got ready for our day. 
My day at work was busy, despite having help for once, and I didn't end up getting my lunch hour until 2pm.  By the time I was out on the pavement, it was 91 degrees and so humid that you could practically chew the air.  Days like that, you sweat just from looking out the window.  But I was determined to get my walk in, so I made it happen.  I was only planning on doing about 20 minutes, so as not to leave my coworker busy and struggling, but I had never walked the huge block that surrounds my health office, so I decided to give it a go.  My office is situated on top of a fairly steep hill, which meant walking downhill for the beginning of my walk, and uphill at the end.  By the time I got back to my office, I was sweaty and dusty and not generally feeling very feminine.  But I felt like I could breathe better and let me tell you, the air conditioning never felt so good to me!  It ended up being a 40 minute session of cardio, much more than I would have done if I'd gotten up at my scheduled 4:50am.  So it was a success, but it did remind me of one of the reasons it's better to work out first thing in the morning! 
Today?  Despite the sky being hazy on my walk yesterday, I am itching like crazy from my sun allergy. It is getting old.  I had trouble sleeping last night, so I didn't get up to workout, but will make time for one either during my workday or after I get home.  I have a positive outlook about it all right now.  I am trying to change my mentality and conquer this thing one day at a time.  That means, not judging my week as a whole, but each day as it's own opportunity to make this happen.  Friday is a new chance, just as Monday is.  Friday doesn't equate the end of having to try, it is it's own entity, and the choices I make on Friday effect me just as the choices I make on Monday.  Or Wednesday.  I am ready to find a new way to conquer the same old beast.  Tomorrow, to celebrate the holiday, I will stay away from junk, and let the time off be my reward, the time spent with my favorite guys.  If I grill out, it will be clean protein, and will not be followed by a sugar-laden dessert.  That is my goal for myself for tomorrow.  I am the only one I'll be letting down if I don't stick to it.  And I deserve more. 
We finally got some much needed rain, now it is finally feeling like Summer!  For those who celebrate, Happy 4th of July!!


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