Week One Put to Bed, Baby!

Today was the first day that I was thinking about how nice sleeping in would feel, but I reminded myself that there is time for that on my rest days coming up.  This was my final weight training day for the week, so tomorrow my reward will be sleeping in an extra 40 minutes.  It doesn't sound like a lot, but it is going to feel great.
By the time I had my branch chain amino acids and  a caffeine pill and laced up my shoes, I was already feeling ready for the pump.  Shoulders and abs today, and since I didn't need to use my home gym for any of the moves, I got to do my workout in my bedroom, with music on, and in front of full-length mirrors.  It was nice not having to worry about waking anyone up.  I was surpised to see how good my muscles are starting to look already, muscles have amazing memory.  I felt like I had a great mind-muscle connection today, really able to feel the muscle doing the work, target it for a good burn.  I have always dreamed of strong, beautiful arms, and I know it can be acheived, I have the genetics for it.  My back is starting to look nice too.  Not photo-worthy, but there is some tone there that wasn't before.  I was really happy that my arms were not too tired to get a good workout in today, it was something that was concerning me, as they have been sore all week, and still are.  But it is the kind of itchy/achey sore you get when something is healing, so it actually feels kind of good.  The ab work I did today was sketchy at best.  I never feel like I am getting much out of it while I'm doing it, but I think I'll feel the muscles used tomorrow.  If not, I may substitute a few different ab moves from the program.  I really haven't trained abs much, since I know you can't spot-reduce, and I have so horribly-much fat on top of mine that it'll take years to unbury my abs, but my husband keeps insisting that it is more to support your back, especially as I train my back harder, those muscles need to be balanced out so I can keep the rest of my body balanced.  I will be dutiful and train abs, but I draw the line at calves.  My husband has the most awesome abs, and he NEVER trains them.  The abs actually get hit pretty well doing a bunch of other moves.  Proof is in the puddin, as they say.

My husband, Garrett Anderson in his early modelling endeavors.  Photographer-Brett Stoddart
I am feeling really good about sticking to it this week.  It really didn't feel like a challenge at all.  Maybe because I am not focusing on all the other posibilities (noise) out there where food is concerned, I am just focused on staying inside the guidlines of the program.  This leads to success for me.  Most of my meals were prepped on Sunday, so all I have to do is heat them and I am greatful for that every time I grab for food with my belly growling fiercly.  Not having to wait or plan for meal prep time during the day has been a huge advantage, and I will continue to do Sunday preps from now on. 
Tomorrow will be a day to test me, as I have been in the habit of getting a little lax on Fridays, and most weekends, it just keeps rolling away from me until Monday comes and I'm ready to commit again.  It will be especially challenging for me on Friday night, when my husband is out of town, and I will be left to entertain the kids.  In the past, that has meant bingeing on a bunch of junk food and renting movies and calling it "movie night".  I will say that I don't have ANY cravings right now, and that is a blessing.  I enjoy the food I'm eating and since it's so clean, and I get so hungry, I really look forward to eating it, especially this recipe: Jamie Eason's Turkey Meatloaf Muffins, for some reason they make me get that good-food-buzz every time I eat them, and everyone at my office loves the smell when I warm them up.  Next time I will make a double batch, my kids wanted to eat them all up on me.  Maybe that will be our Friday night fun activity, cooking clean food.  A girl can try, right?
I am on track for having a great week, I have been successful in my efforts and am looking forward to starting week two.  I have a feeling my muscles will be a lot less sore next week.  But boy do I sleep FANTASTIC!
Hope you're having a FANTASTIC Thursday!


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