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With both of my doctors out of the office yesterday, my optical sales department was sporting some serious (although proverbial) tumbleweeds, which left me time to surf the internet.  I am one of those people who actually checks my traffic sources on my blog, to see where my readers are coming from, and one of the search tags was for Jamie Eason, so I decided to google her, to see where my humble little blog turned up in the search for her.  I actually follow her on Facebook, and noticed that she mentioned her Live Fit program.  I was assuming it was an expensive program designed for the uber-fit nationality, of which I definitely do not belong, and can't afford to buy myself into.  But I was interested, because I had seen some pretty dramatic before and after photos, so I looked into it.  It is actually sponsored by, a company my husband has ordered from on several occassions, due to the unbeatable prices on all-things-nutrition.  The program is a 12 week program that is really intelligently designed.  I was really impressed.  She is a body builder/fitness model, so she knows her stuff.  And to be honest, once again, the diet she has on the site is quite similar to how I eat on South Beach Diet, nothing too crazy for me. 
The kicker is this, it is 100% free!!  No catch, no gimmicks.  She does recommend a supplement stack, which, of course, you can purchase from, that is how the program is supported, but it is free to anyone who visits.  It really simply explains what activity to do on workout days, and when to rest, and what to eat in order to see results.   And the best part is, she explains why she designed the program the way she did, excluding cardio for the first phase, in order to build muscle.  There are a list of allowed foods to stick to, but within those choices, you can create whatever you want.  There are also some recipes, and printable workout logs where you can track your workouts.  It is basically free personal training from an expert, that is unheard of!  Here's the link, in case anyone wants to check it out.  Jamie Eason's Live Fit Trainer
As I looked over the program, I got really excited about it, it really ignited a spark in me again.  I know I could look and feel amazing if I stuck to all 12 weeks of this program.  When you break it down by the week, it isn't that long to commit to something.  For me, having something laid out for me has always been a huge tool in my success, rather than having to make decisions on my own.  I guess that's not too unusual, that's why a lot of people hire a personal trainer. I feel so hopeful about this program that I am going to keep my cheat meal relatively clean this weekend, maybe some fajita's with guacamole, without the tortillas.  Now I know I'm ready to make a great effort if I am looking at the weekend in a healthier way already.  Back to the straight and narrow.  I keep telling myself, I am going to look so much better and feel much stronger at the end of twelve weeks.  I'm excited about the posibilities again.  And that is a huge, huge deal!
If anyone decides to do the program, drop a comment, we can cheer each other on!
Happy Friday everyone! 


  1. It really does help having that end date/goal in mind. Good luck. I'm excited to read about your progress with this.

    Oh and love the new photo at the top. You look great!

    1. Thank you so much! Happy to have you along!


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