Tiny Bites

This is the type of day when I get a half hour into a blog post and then delete the whole thing, drink a Diet Coke, in hopes of gaining wisdom and clarity and try again.  Hopefully this will be a better post than the one I just cleared. 
So, yesterday being the 4th of July, my kids were on edge all day, so excited and good-spirited that they couldn't even bring themselves to fight with each other.  It was extremely hot and extremely humid, the kind of scene where you can actually see the earth's steam rising and sweat beads don't discriminate, but roll off brows and drinks and glide down your back like a bug making tracks.  That is summer in Wisconsin, for sure.  But it has been record-breakingly scorching, so after some mid-morning intense cardio, I pretty much kept myself indoors most of the day.  My husband and I were watching a marathon of Food Network's Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.  We love that show, but it does have a tendency to make you want to eat comfort food.  And my brain was set to "weekend mode" all day, it was certainly a struggle to not eat like a crazy person, especially on a holiday that is notorious for cookouts and junk food.  But I held my ground for most of the day, improvising and reminding myself how torturous those workouts in the sweltering heat have been, and to not let them be for nothing.  I noshed on apples, sugar-free gum, sugar-free popsicles, and drank nearly two gallons of water.  I finally couldn't stand the nagging little voice in my head, and ate a handful of mini Nilla wafers with natural peanut butter on them, and two chocolate stripes cookies.  While I wasn't proud of it, that little treat quieted the destructive little voice for the rest of the day.  We ended our night with fireworks, and my kids did not disappoint with their smiling faces and squeals of joy.  All-in-all, it was a pretty enjoyable day.
I am a bit sleep deprived today, though, after getting to bed late last night, and being nagged by a bug biting me this morning.  I don't know what it is about bugs loving to chomp on me, but it is annoying.  When I lived in Las Vegas, there was one kind of upscale place we rented that was built like a villa, the nicest place we've ever lived, I'd say.  But no matter what they tried, they could not control the cockroaches.  I'd have them crawling on me at night when I was trying to sleep, and it would keep me up the remainder of the night, always thinking I was feeling one on me.  Makes my skin crawl just thinking about it.  Last night's culprit was a tiny thing, not much bigger than a sugar ant, but with a hard shell and wings.  It would wait for me to fall asleep, then come bite me.  First, the back of the neck, then the leg, then the forehead and finally the arm.  Every time it would wake me from a cold sleep, and I would have to turn the lights on to try and find the offender.  Finally I was able to take care of the little guy and fall back asleep about ten minutes before my alarm went off.  Hmmpf!
It makes me relate the two things, the nagging little "eat junk" voice in my head and the naughty little sleep-theiving nibbler.  The smallest things can keep you from what you want and need, if you let them.   Fortunately,  with a little tenacity and improvisation, we can make it past our little challenges, to the point where the path ahead is mostly clear. 
The scale is showing no significant loss this week, but my collar bones are starting to reappear. All is good with the world. 
Blog babble done.  Hope you all have a fantastic Thursday!


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