Sleep Makes me Tired

Lightning storm near Green Bay, WI
Last night an amazing lightning storm passed over my city, and it was the the coolest thing I've seen in a great long time.  It was a nearly non-stop spectacle of light and I, the ameteur idiot with an iPhone, stood outside snapping hundereds of photos in hopes of having one turn out.  Unfortunately, this is as close as I got, and doesn't do it justice, but I thought I'd share.
Last night my husband was asking how I like the gym and I was saying it will be nice when we can go together, so I can learn where everything is and how to use all the equipment the right way.  I told him a funny story about how I brought a barbell from across the room, stepping over equipment with it on my shoulders, to stand in front of the smith machine mirror because the other mirror spots were taken and I don't know how to use the Smith.  So tonight we are going to go together, and he is going to do the same workout with me, to show me everything I need to know about back and biceps.  If my kids behave well in the childcare room, we may make a habit of working out together, which will be helpful to me.  My kids have a history of not playing well in the childcare room, so I'm not holding my breath, but I hope we can at least get a few sessions in, so I can learn as much as I can from my guy.  They do offer introductory services through the gym, but I have a very valuable resource in my possession already. 
This morning I am noticing a huge impact on my energy level, and while I realize it could be the result of a combination of things (hormones, sinuses, sleeping in, etc) I'm guessing the thing that has the hugest impact is that I didn't work out this morning.  It just gets the blood flowing and makes me feel ready for my day. I know I will be able to lift heavier tonight, because I have the benefit of all the food-energy from the day's clean meals, but morning workouts are where it's at for this girl!
So, nothing much to report this morning, just taking the day as it comes, getting mentally ready for my workout tonight, and looking forward to a clean, successful week to finish out week 4 of my program.  Adding the cardio back in will be nice, and the next phases add supersets and active rest between sets, and I think even some plyo, which absolutely kicks my butt!
Hope your Tuesday is off to a great start!  Enjoy your day.


  1. I always prefer to work out in the morning, I have more energy then and it sets me up for the day. Good photo but risky business taking it.

    1. I agree! I used to detest getting up in the mornings to workout, but now I love how vital it makes me feel all day.
      As for the lightning storm, there weren't any bolts and it was completely silent-no thunder. I was completely fascinated by it. My father used to love thunderstorms, when I was young, we would sit out on the front porch and watch them with delight.


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