Hungry Stomach Seeking Garbage

I made it through a sweaty weekend relatively unscathed, and plenty glad that I didn't have to try to force a workout in the extreme heat and humidity.  I had a little more challenging time keeping my food thoughts pure this weekend, but despite that, I did fairly well and feel great about starting week 3 of the Live Fit Trainer.
On Friday night, despite it being a day of rest, I was starting to feel like a zombie, really tired to the point of being "out of it".  On our way out to our favorite restaurant, my husband said that he could tell I was reaching a place that doesn't feel good, and he recommended having a cheat meal, but nothing too heavy.  So I took his advice, had a high-quality burger with avocado and some fries.  I slowly ate a few chips with salsa while we waited for our food.  To be honest, I maybe had about ten chips, they just tasted pretty aweful after eating all whole food ingredients for the past two weeks.  It felt like, for the first time, I could taste the oil they'd been cooked in, and they seemed overcooked, too thick and greasy, and generally not that good at all.  I won't have any problem passing them up in the future.  My burger was good, I actually love avocado.  I got full really fast.  My younger son was having sensory issues and started to behave badly, ruining the second half of our dinner, which also wiped out our opportunity to get ice cream.  I was actually going to have a sweet treat, and was a little disappointed that it didn't happen, but I was able to let it go and realize how much better it was to not eat more fat and worse, sugar.  That night as I tried to sleep, my stomach felt pretty terrible, so full and I could tell it was much harder for my body to process that kind of food compared to how I've been eating.  That made me extra glad I didn't have any ice cream.
Saturday was one of those hurry-up-and-wait kind of days, we couldn't decide what to do and sort of killed a day on our phones/computer, the kids intermittently playing outside, then coming in to cool their sweaty little selves off.  We ended up going to a park in the late evening, just before sunset, when the temperatures cooled a bit.  We stayed until the sun disappeared and our bellies were growling.  My husband was hinting at going to a restaurant, but I said I wanted to stay on track.  That was hard because when I'm hungry, I'm thinking of anything but clean food.  So we ate clean on Saturday, despite the temptations.
Yesterday was another super hot and humid day, but we spent a little time outdoors, playing with the kids.  I didn't have any food prepped for yesterday, and wasn't very on top of my schedule, so I ended up having a few scoops of all natural peanut butter for two consecutive snacks.  It was the most sound nutrition, but it works.  Then, we decided to go bowling to get out of the heat, and entertain the kids.  They had a blast, and they beat us both!  After bowling we were all starving again, and we were trying to decide whether or not to go to a restaurant, but in the end, we decided to save the money and the calories and just eat clean at home. It wasn't the fun thing to do, but it was the right thing to do.  I had some oatmeal with protein powder when we got home, and it tasted so good ( zero carb Isopure is awesome protein powder) and all my desire to eat junk went out the window.  I need to be better prepared so I don't face the "FEED ME" persuaders that pop up when I let it go too long between meals.
Prep in progress: grilled chicken, peppers and onions for Salsa Chicken recipe
I finished off my Sunday by doing the grocery shopping, and then some food prep for the week's meals.  This week I have added colored bell peppers and onions to my grilled chicken with brown rice.  I marinaded in Mrs. Dash's Southwest Chipotle spice and then poured some salsa over the whole thing.  It is really tastey!
Today was leg day, and the moves changed a bit.  Since the next six weeks of the program are focused on muscle building, the weight is heavier and the reps are lower.  It also means more isolation moves.  Today, I thought I would not get up after doing the walking lunges, and then I was introduced into single legged deadlifts!  Wow!  My legs were so shakey when I got done, and I still had three sets of lying leg curls to do. My hamstrings are feeling funky right now and I know they'll be sore, but that's what leads to a great physique.
I learned a lot about myself, my food mentality and my resolve this weekend.  And I am starting Monday feeling assured it'll be a great week!
Happy Monday, and hope your week is off to a great start as well!


  1. You have an iron will when you choose to, nice going. Single legged deadlifts sound hardcore and must take some strong muscle control. I'm wary of dead lifts and barbell squats after hurting my back squatting a few years ago. As fir this week, I've just finished night shifts and am camping and hiking in the Dales tomorrow on my own. Never done it on my own before so I'll see how that goes. I bet I'm talking to myself by 21:00.

    1. Ah, now I know why you do those torturous planks! Good luck to you sleeping out there all alone. I'm sure you'll have several blogs written in your head by dawn.


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