Live Fit Trainer, Day 1

***Immediate disclaimer*** Sorry for the disgusting images that follow, but it's Day 1 of a new program, so I want to be able to share my progress in photos.  This poor outfit has been through the wringer of yo-yo'ing, I'm just happy it still fits.
First things first.  All weekend I started to panic about starting a new program.  I knew this one was going to really push me, and I haven't necessarily been pushing myself lately.  I had major doubts about whether or not I could get through it and stick to it.  I even began finding excuses why I wouldn't be able to start today.  I don't have all the equipment, I don't know if I can afford the food I want, oh no, the store was low on turkey, now we don't have enough for the week, etc etc.  This is not uncommon for me to do to myself before I face something that I perceive as a challenge.  But then yesterday, someone tagged me in a photo on Facebook, and I was so extremely repulsed and surprised by the photo that I had to show my husband.  Wow, did I really look that bad?  I remember feeling really feminine and pretty that day.  It was my best friend's wedding, in 1999, and it was a fun day, but looking back at that photo now, it makes me cringe.  And it solidified my need to do this.  I wanted to remove the tag from that photo so it wouldn't show up on my page, but then I realized, that's not me anymore!  My husband reaffirmed, "You're half the person!"  Honestly, I look like I had no neck!  Against my better judgement, here is that aweful photo.
That's me, the linebacker in the lavender dress on the far left.
At any rate, the photo inspired me to try this program and see about giving it all I've got, to help insure I never have to look like that in another photo!  
Phase 1 of this program, which is 4 weeks, focuses purely on weight training.  There is absolutely zero cardio in the first 4 weeks.  Some people would be over the moon about that, but I actually prefer cardio to weight training these days, I think because I don't have the muscle fatigue and aches afterword, but that's just a guess!  Today I trained chest and triceps, and the workout started with wide-stance push ups.  I was feeling cocky and started out on my toes, but found out really quickly how weak I am, and how much energy it takes just to do them from my knees.  In all, I was only able to do 8 of them on my toes, the rest of my reps were from my knees.  Let me tell you, those push ups pre-exhausted my arms so much that everything that followed was way more challenging than usual.  By the time I hit my chest and arms, the next thing on the list was narrow-stance push ups.  My arms were so shakey/wobbly, I was just toast by then!  I was supposed to do 3 sets of 12 of those, but could only muster 16 altogether.  So there is a weak spot that I hope strengthens by the end of this program.  No wonder I wasn't making any progress before, I think I wasn't working hard enough to make my body change.  Even now, 3 hours post workout, and two clean meals later,  my arms still feel like they don't want to be used.  I start work in an hour, so it should be an interesting day!  
This week I have 4 weight workouts in a row, then get 3 days of rest.  I know I can do that, and I know I can do whatever next week has in store for me too.  12 weeks seems like a piece of cake when I break it down into smaller chunks.  Some of the before and after photos are really inspirational and give me hope!  
I took my measurements today, but I think I'll wait to post measurement improvements either until I start Phase 2 in 4 weeks, or until the very end.  I don't have any unrealistic goals attached to this, just to stick with the program and see it through.  I know I've lost some of my muscle and I want it back.  
So here are my day 1 photos:
Bad quality/back lit and all, but you get the general idea

 Day 1 Live Fit Trainer

It's really hard to take a full-length photo of yourself from the back!  Don't like looking at it either.
So there is the ugly truth for everyone to see.  I am hoping to not dread the progress photos as much as I dreaded these.  At any rate, at least I'm not wearing a lavender moo-moo!
Have a great Monday everyone!  And thanks for coming along for the ride!


  1. Glad, if the photo inspires you...but, just remember; those were "special" MEMORIES, for me. (That included, picking out the dress with you. :) I do not wish to bring you down...but, you're still the same person, (to me. ;) *Not 1/2 the person...@ all! 0;) <3 Keep on, keepin' on... ;p

  2. *We were each others' ROCK, back in the day...&, I got your back! ;D


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