A Little Too Much

Last week I was tired and drained all week, but I pushed myself really hard despite.  Friday night at the gym, I was a bit zombie-esque, yawning and staring off into space in between sets, even my husband asked if I was going to be OK.  The truth is, I wasn't listening to my body, I was working out DESPITE what my body was telling me.  I was telling myself it was just hormonal, and that it would resolve itself in a day or two.  I knew there was a good chance that wouldn't be the case, but I felt like I owed it to myself and my husband to not miss our workout.  My older son had been coming down with a head cold, and by Friday night, his tonsil was swollen to disgusting proportions and he began complaining of a headache and coughing. He was a trooper and agreed to go out to dinner and ate like a champ, despite not being able to breathe through his nose.  I hate when my kids are sick, there is so little one can do to help.
 It would have been unethical to bring him to the gym on Saturday, being so sick, so I skipped my Saturday workout (legs) and tried not to tax myself to much, as my throat was begining to get sore and I was still feeling quite drained.   When my husband returned from his workout, we took a nice family road trip to Wisconsin's capitol city, Madison, where we are seriously considering moving to in springtime.  It is such a great city, urban by very liberal, and the lakes are beautiful.  My kids loved it, and so did we, so if we can get all our ducks in a row, we will move there.  My son was still coughing so much and there were points when he looked so tired, but he was having too much fun to slow down.  We got home late that night, and I woke early on Sunday, quite happy that it was a scheduled day of rest, so I didn't have to try to decide what to do.  My throat continued to get more sore, and my ears got itchy, the kind of itch you can't relieve.  That's when I know I am not going to be able to fight it off with vitamins and apple cidar vinegar.  Yesterday, I had the day off of work, but took the kids to the sitter anyway so I could get some rest during the day.  I was hoping to recover or avoid getting full-on sick.  The deception we feed ourselves at the onset of illness!  I ended up taking care of a bunch of stuff that needed to get done (shopping for school supplies, baking protein bars, paying bills, etc) and didn't get any more rest.  My husband had planned for us to get to they gym early, before getting the kids from the sitter.  Normally that would have been a great feeling, but I was so run-down yesterday that I was deteremined to not workout for fear it would tax my already-compromised immune system.  But by the time my husband had gotten home, I had just finished a called with a very rude customer service rep, and I was so stressed out, that I decided to go.  I made a plan of attack before we left, to just go way lighter on the weights, just to get some blood in the muscle, and to skip the supersets.  I trained back, so it wasn't too taxing.  I was using weights that were entirely too light to get any benefit from, but the little that I did got my blood moving and made me feel a little better.  And it killed my stress.  When we were done, I felt really relaxed.  I questioned my sanity going to the gym sick, and tonight I will likely use better judgement as the sickness is expanding inside my head, and I can't bring my son to the gym when he's sick.  So this week will likely be kind of light.  If I have learned anything from the past, I know that when I push myself too hard one week, I spend the better part of another week getting over the resultant illness. 
On the positive side, when I caught my reflection in the mirror today, I had to do a double-take.  I am getting much flatter in the stomach area.  There is actually a little bit of shape taking place.  I can see a positive future, and from now on, I will focus my attention of weight training and let cardio be a nice accessory.  I had to weigh myself, just to see if there had been a change on the scale, and I am down to 163.  Not a huge loss, but still a number I haven't seen in a while.  And as soon as I start to feel better, I will be right back on track, pushing myself in the gym.  But next time, I will listen to my body better.  Tired is tired, and rarely does anything good come from pushing yourself when you already feel drained.  Lesson learned.  Again.
I'm still keeping my food on the straight and narrow, it is much more important now that I'm not working out, and I don't want any setbacks. 
I will leave you with a photo of our trip to Madison and wish you all a fantastic Tuesday!  And welcome to my new follower!  Nice to have you along.
View from Monona Terrace.  Madison, WI


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