Week Five and Progress Photos

Week five of the Live Fit Trainer program hits in a week when I have the most extreme flux of energy.  To start the week out, I have that sensation of an approaching headcold, stuffy ears, slightly irritated throat that always comes right before my flux shifts.  Yesterday was the first day that I added cardio back into my program, and while it was welcome, doing it after a challenging back workout felt a lot less easy-breezey than usual.  But my gym has really nice treadmills, so that's a bonus.  Part of my resistence to it was that I was in a time crunch, but I managed to get everything in before heading off to work.  Barely!
This week will be a mix of morning training by myself and evening training with my husband.  In both situations, I will have to break up the cardio and weights, which are supposed to be done together, but I just can not make them both fit together and still keep on schedule.  Just another modification that I am making to help me reach my goals instead of giving in.  There's always a solution. 
Tonight, I will train chest and abs with my husband.  The chest workout includes one resistence set, which I've never done before, so I am expecting it to thoroughly kick my butt, and then I still have to do pushups.  I am not the biggest fan of them.  Not sure if I'll get abs trained tonight, my husband generally skips them and we usually run out of time (the kids are only allowed to be in the child center at the gym for 1.5 hours and we usually train right up until the time limit).  At any rate, things are still going very well, and I feel like I am making sufficient progress.  Once I get over this energy slump, I'll feel really great.  I'll head off any responses about overtraining, while I'm pushing myself pretty hard right now, this energy slump is hormonal, and completely routine.
In certain lighting, the muscles have even more definition.  I'm proud of them all the same!
I don't feel like I have all too much to say today, just trudging through the work week, looking forward to a family road trip this weekend.  I have had a couple request for progress photos, and while I'm saving the full view photos for the end of the program, I did take a few pics of my newly discovered delts and traps.  The tri's are coming along, but they will take a little longer than the rest.
Tip: from the top, I look smaller!  I'll have to remember that for the future!  I was actually trying to get the line of definition between the delts, but it doesn't translate in the photo and I lost my patience.

I don't train my traps, but they grow anyway.  This is the first time I've had "pipes" in my life!  I might get those arms I've been dreaming of after all!

Well, that's about it for today.  Here's hoping your Tuesday is even better than Monday was!


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