Bees Knees

Yesterday I spent some time researching knee problems, and none of them look particularily like something you want to have going on with your knee, but mostly all of them recommend seeing a doctor if you are having pain.  I don't really have pain, perse, but it is annoying.  I think I've mentioned before that I am a doctor's nightmare, self-diagnosing by researching on the internet before I step into an office.  I want to be prepared for what things might possibly be before someone strange starts prodding around. 
So my self diagnosis as of last night was Baker's Cyst.  I might add, I am usually right when I self-diagnose, but the knees have so many similar symptoms for a variety of issues.  By the time I looked at a few articles on-line, I was starting to think maybe I should finally have these old knees looked at by a professional.  Then, when I got home last night, I was hanging out with my kids and looked at how swollen my knee was, and when I pushed on a swollen area, it was all squishy inside.  The other knee isn't like that.  So that pretty much sealed the deal.  No leg training and no cardio until I can see a doctor for this.  It is really irritating to me that I am finally in the zone and I will be partially sidelined by some stupid issue that was likely caused by years of obesity.  Now I am only praying that it is a small tear, and not arthritic.  At very least, I am gratful that my legs are already a part of my body that I'm perfectly content with, so not training them won't be as bad a mental trip as not training shoulders or triceps.  My life is never dull!
Now that I am consistently training in the morning instead of the evenings, I am getting familiar with some of the folks who work out with me at the insane hour of 5am.  Today a woman that I have seen a few times, was training in the free weight room next to me.  She looks relatively fit, but she does all of these weird bouncing, really small range of motion moves, and speeds through sets like her underwear is on fire.  Today was the first time she spoke to me, as I was in the middle of a superset of shoulder moves, barely eeking out 8 reps.  This is what she said, "I'm new here, but don't you think they should have more of the lighter weights for women?"  I was a little dumbfounded, as there is a really awesome selection of weights in the lower end, even in 2.5pound incriments( 7.5, 12.5, 17.5, these are dumbbells I never knew existed until I joined this gym) and they go as light as 2.5 pounds.  I wasn't sure just how light she was looking for, so I just said, "I rarely see women in this room, to be honest."  And I went about my business doing rear delt flyes with 20 pound dumbbells.  I can see if someone is just starting out, they might want to get the feel of the movement by using a light weight, but honestly, if you know the move, there is not much you are going to be doing for yourself swinging around a 2.5 pound weight.  I tried not to give too much thought to the comment as I trained my shoulders hard, and happily finished with a little spare time to relax before getting myself and kids ready for our morning.  I love training shoulders, and I like how they are starting to shape up. 
So now, I have to rearrange my workouts a bit, because I have eliminated legs for now.  Instead of tomorrow being a leg day, then, I will train back (was supposed to be Saturday's session) and take an entire weekend off.  And Monday is a holiday so the gym will be closed, I am not sure what, if anything, I will do, maybe some ab work since I haven't been training them, or maybe some yoga stretches. 
I am feeling a little drained today, as is everyone I am meeting so far, so I am going to make an attempt to relax a little over the long holiday weekend.  Then, in a blink of an eye, college will be back in session and the chaos will be cranked up to full blast.  Oh, sweet beautiful summer, where have you gone?
Well, here goes another day!  Hope it's a good one!


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