Busy but Undeterred

Yesterday was a very busy day, it made me feel exhausted, but I still managed to get in my half hour cardio session before work, and a kick-a** bi/tri workout last night.  By the time I left the gym last night, my arms were so pumped my mind's eye was telling me I must look like Arnold, but the mirror told me the truth.  There is definitely some muscle tone poking its head out from under all the fat, but there is still a lot of work to do.  I did get to learn a few new moves/pieces of equipment and that is always fun for me, it keeps it interesting.
This morning I was so very sleepy when my alarm went off, but I got up and did my half hour of cardio anyway.  I walked outside, the sky just barely shifting to blue from the night's blackness, stars still twinkling brightly.  The crisp air did a nice job of waking me, and by the time I got back home I was actually feeling awake, warm and content.  My exhaustion this week stems from work-related chaos/stress due to a wildly popular employee sale, but it will be ending after this week, and things will return to a nice, normal pace again.  It is making me crazy that it's so busy, and I work alone, somedays I work straight through my lunch and don't get to eat.  So my 3-hour span between meals has been compromised during the day, which in turn compromises my energy level.  But I am doing what I can.  I have conquered stressful times before, and I will again, this time it will not involve shoving food mindlessly into my mouth because to try to drown the stress. 
Since I began the Live Fit Trainer, my take on the weekend has changed.  Instead of looking forward to it because it is an opportunity to binge on junk, now I look forward to the weekend for because of the opportunity to sleep in, rest my sore muscles, and enjoy a slower-paced day or two with my family.  Don't get me wrong, I still love to have a cheat meal on the weekend, and I do so look forward to it, but food isn't the focal point of my weekend anymore.  That is a huge mental victory!  I wish I could pin point how that change came about, but really I think it is simply from putting in so much work all week that my body is more focused on rest than food.  It is a very positive shift that I am not taking for granted!
Tonight I will work my chest.  If this week's workouts are any indication, I will be sore a little longer that in the past.  With the workouts changing bi-weekly and the weight increasing slowly, I am feeling the difference.  I am still a bit sore from Saturday's back workout, that's longer than it usually takes me to recover, but I was doing new movements and heavier weights.  It will lead to great growth.
I like the way lifting weights makes me feel, tough and smart.  I am no longer uncomfortable to be in the gym, weaving my way in and out of men heaving weights around, I'm not afraid to make noise if I am digging down to the deepest depths to get that last rep out, and I'm not afraid of looking at the equipment to see what it is and what it does.  I really don't care about what anyone thinks of me and my workout, I leave everything I have in that gym, and that is me conquering my mountain for the day.  To do any less would be...redundant.  And disappointing. 
Well here I am, actually getting a lunch break today, slightly quieter at work.  I am going to go enjoy the peace while it lasts.
Hope your week is going smoothly!


  1. I love how you describe the sky at your early morning workout, nice writing. You sound like you are getting some amazing results at the gym too.

    1. Thanks Tony! I guess the results I am getting in the gym will be evident enough in the photos I take at the end of the program. It does help that the gym has very flattering lights, and I can see all the muscles really nicely there.


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