Things I See at the Gym

Things I see at the gym:
Grown men doing 10-pound tricep pulldowns at a pace quick enough to set the rope on fire
extraordinarily plump ladies in floral swimwear (really, why can't plus-sized swimwear be attractive?)
elderly men falling asleep on the hip abductor machine
idiots using the squat rack for barbell curls (taps foot and scowls)
people who are fit enough to use the Roman Chair ( a goal of mine)
big huge guys lifting weights that make them sound like they are trapped under heavy machinery
My husband's awesome butt as he does walking lunges
tiny little women full of tanning oil and heavily perfumed/make-up'd
asian ladies working out in flip-flops
a man who thinks he is inconspicuously picking his nose (shudder)
a woman who takes wiping the machinery to an artform
my reflection, smiling, sweating, working hard to get rid of the ugly.

Last night I trained legs with my husband.  It was challenging for both of us.  I was completely drained of energy before we went, but as I was training I realized that contrary to what I wanted to believe, the workout actually made me feel more awake, and actually kind of good.  My entire body is sore, and recovery seems to be taking a bit longer this week, I'm guessing because I can use heavier weights and proper equipment.  We spent a good long time trying to figure out what was going on with my form on lunges, and despite my husband's superior knowledge in all-things-physical, we couldn't fix my issue.  And after trying lunges several times, my right quad muscle felt like it was pushed to the brink, like one more attempt would have torn the muscle.  We agreed that it is something I can absolutely live without doing, especially since we did single-leg deadlifts, squats and hamstring curls.  Nonetheless, I have been to this place before with lunges and was able to figure it out, so I will keep working on it.  It bothers me not being able to rise to the challenge, but I won't risk injury to get there.
After the workout I hit the locker room to gather my belongings, and sat on the bench to change my shoes.  There are mirrors on the walls by the lockers, which I find a little strange, but I guess people want to check their progress as they are dressing.  I glanced at my reflection, my body slumped in horrible posture, and I cringed at my reflection.  My stomach is still so big.  I've been working really hard and it seems like I should be smaller than this.  Then I straightened up my posture and noticed that yes, my stomach is still a trouble spot(s), but it actually has gotten smaller.  Then I reminded myself, it's only been four weeks and already I can see an improvement.  I am making the changes that will lead to great rewards, and how wonderful it's been to have the courage to test my stamina and find that I have strength I didn't think I had.  Despite all the highs and lows of this journey in the past year and a half, I am still at the beginning of something big.  I have a long way to go, but I'm not just going to stop when I reach my goal, I am going to push harder and go farther.  Why?  Because not everyone can or does, and because I want more than "just enough".  I have lived in hatred of my body for far too long to stop at the finish line. 
The kids are having a sleepover at their friend's house tonight, so my husband and I are going to hit the gym (shoulders and abs) and then have a relaxing dinner together.  It will start my weekend out on a high note.  Hope you have a great weekend, too!


  1. Brilliant post, don't forget blokes dropping dumbells onto the floor and leaving them there. Point one, if you can't control the lowering down don't lift the weight. Point two, tidy the fuck up after yourselves, your mummy isn't going to pick up after you.

    1. Yes, don't you wish there were bouncers at gyms, to kick people out or slap them alongside the head if they weren't using proper gym ettiquette? The gym would be a much more pleasant place!

  2. Way to go! Think of all those people as your entertainment for the evening!

    1. I absolutely do get amused by them!


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