Pit Stop

Yesterday I posted from my throne of confidence, that I was going to eat well despite being sick.  I did not follow through.  By the time I got home after work, my throat was so sore the thought of eating my regular food had me wanting to skip eating altogether.  So I ate what I wanted, which was a bowl of Ramen noodles.  They were so hot and salty, it made my throat feel a little better and cleared my nose for a while.  The rest of the night I ate my normal food, and I'm happy to say my throat feels a lot better today than it did yesterday.  Fortunately, I haven't had to do much talking at work today, as I usually lose my voice when I get sick like this.  I am hoping that, with a few more days rest, I can lick this thing by the weekend, but I will listen to my body this time, and feel it out.  This is just a short pit stop before I get back in the race.
I spent a little time thinking about my 12-week program this morning, trying to decide whether to repeat this week that I am missing or just move on to the next week when I begin again.  Then I realized, this isn't just going to be a 12-week thing, this is going to be on-going, indeffinitely.  If I want to reach my goal, it has to be more than a passing phase.  I joined a gym to have access to all the equipment I need in order to change my physique and make my dream come true.  That isn't going to happen in 12 weeks.  Oh, there will be changes, dramatic to my own eye, but nowhere near "done".  So, in the long run, it is really insignificant what I do one week vs another, I just need to keep working toward my goal. 
I detest being knocked down when I have the determination, but I am not going to let a little headcold undo what I am working on.  When I am better, I am going to continue my work with the same gusto that I had before this week began.  I will have my energy back and be ready to recover some losses and push this program to get me the results I am hoping for. 
Feeling totally uninspired and a little in a fog today, but eating 100% on-plan.  May do a little stretching tonight.
Happy Wednesday!


  1. I'd be lost without my gym membership. I could pay lots less ans use the gym at work but mine is so well equipped I gladly pay the money. It will become an integral part of your life. And good luck with the cold.

    1. Thanks Tony! I agree about the gym, just being in that atmosphere makes me feel powerful and inspired!


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