Happy Friday!

Today finds me happier than usual that it is Friday.  For me, it has taken a lot of energy to get through this week, and I am looking forward to a little R&R and a slower-paced schedule for a day or two, before things get hectic again.  When my kids and I are back in school in a couple weeks, we will be even more hectic.  But I realized when I was pregnant with my second child, no matter how chaotic my schedule, I always settle into a routine.  For me, that will be waking at 4:30 am to get a workout in before my day starts, and running until whenever I get my homework done at night.  I am the kind of person who feels better having things planned out, so I already know what my days will be like.  And contrary to earlier worries, I will have time for everything, I just won't be able to do my evening workouts with my husband anymore, except for weekends.  It has been such a valuable tool to have his knowledge and support as I learn the proper form on these moves.  It will give me a really strong foundation for making the magic happen.  I still see so many people doing weird things at the gym, I can see how it'd be easy to just zone out and just "get through" a workout, but I know with the proper weight, form and mind-muscle connection, I will reach my goals quicker, and not be just spinning my wheels.
The weather is changing, the days are getting shorter and this is the time of year that I need to be aware of my state of mind.  I used to suffer from horrible depression, and I notice that it tends to peak around the end of summer when the days get shorter.  Is it just me, or does it seem like fall has come earlier this year?  I don't remember the sun being quite this golden until September or October.  Perhaps it is selective memory.  I actually love autumn, the mosaic of color highlighted by golden sun, wrapping a sweater around myself as I enjoy a bit of a nip in the air.  This part of the country is simply breath-taking in fall.  And I like the way going back to school makes me feel, like a fresh start on something really big.  I love Halloween, all the playfulness and spookiness, and the way my kids get absolutely giddy just thinking about all the fun Halloween activities they will get to participate in.  If we move away in spring, this will be our last autumn in Green Bay, so I want my kids to experience all the fun things that autumn offers.  Not that there won't be a plentitude of things to do where we are moving, it has actually been in the top 5 "best places to live" lists several times. 
My mother is taking my kids overnight tomorrow, so my weekend might start off with an afternoon workout with my husband.  My energy is making a comeback, but I know better than to push myself right away, so I will probably go a little lighter on the weights.  I am actually looking forward to (craving) the way the muscle feels so warm and good when the blood gets in there.  Tomorrow is leg day, I actually love training legs, it makes me feel really strong, and makes me dream of having perfectly-toned glutes one day.  Sunday is a day off, but I will likely take advantage of not having my kids and go for a walk in the morning, perhaps along the river, maybe with my husband, and hopefully with a warm cup of coffee in my hand.  Sounds dreamy.
Here's to starting the weekend!  Hope yours is great!


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