Successful and colorful

Short post to recap last night.  I was thinking of skipping my leg workout, because I was feeling so drained.  Plus I wanted to make homemade protein bars and color my hair.  Here's how the night went:
Pick up kids from sitter
Stop at store for protein bar ingredients
Fight with kids about toys
Hardcore leg workout at home :)
Protein bars mixed and in the oven (with some help from the world's cutest sous chefs)
Hair color complete (I know I'm so vain about it, but the greys were bumming me out)
Protein bars out of the oven and devoured (carrot cake flavor, yum)
Put kids to bed
Mom to bed.

This morning was half hour of medium-intensity cardio.  Tonight I will train arms.
Sorry for the short post, there is activity at work that will keep me from my usual length!
Happy Thursday everyone!!!


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