Lucky Friday

I was a total rebel this morning, and skipped my workout.  Yep, traded it off for sleep because my body is feeling really tired, and last time I didn't listen to it, I was punished with a nasty headcold.  So, the rest was needed, and made me feel relaxed and good.  Tomorrow I will hit the gym and do my back workout.  Is it strange that I am excited to do T-bar rows?  Well, I am nothing if not strange. 
Yesterday a wonderful surprise came, by way of a gift of money from my mother.   Let me tell you how much of a miracle it felt like.  I was at the point where I was rationing out my food, so that it would last until payday, and riding on fumes and a prayer that the gas in my tank would get me through until I got paid.  My gas light came on as I drove home last night.  And when I arrived home, worried about our finances, there was the letter with a check from my mother.  She usually sends $100 for the combo of back-to-school and my son's September birthday, but this time the check was considerably more.  To the tune of about 3 paychecks for me.  She had been in a car accident a few years ago, and the settlement finally came through.  So we revisited my husband's theory that there is always a balance in life, when things are going bad or are extremely stressful, there is always something good right around the corner.  This will give us a chance to get caught up on some bills and exhale a little bit.  The kids will have new clothes for school, instead of being forced to wear thrift store finds (not that there's anything wrong with that), and I can finally get some new tires!  It feels like Christmas!  I know we would have made it through somehow, we always do, but when something so needed comes in the form of a gift, it feels too good to be true.
Monday I will begin week 8 of my Live Fit Trainer program, it is the last of the muscle-building weeks, then the final phase will be "high intensity" as Jamie Eason puts it.  My husband made a comment about the program the last time we were in the gym, "It's a pretty advanced workout she's got you on" and it made me feel really good that I can keep up.  I have made modifications along the way, but for the most part, I am strong enough, and have enough energy to stay on track.  At certain stages of the program, there are videos of Jamie talking about the program and what is coming up, and for week 8 she says that she is dreading the high intensity phase that is next, but that she is also excited because this is where we start to see the biggest changes with our bodies.  I have already seen some great changes, I can't imagine what I'll look like at the end of September.  I have said it so many times, and I will say it again, I am eternally gratful that I have a resource like my husband to help design a program for/with me, but also, my husband has told me several times, that Jamie's workout is perfectly designed for re-use indeffinitely.  I like recycling.  At least I will know all the moves.  And it will be exciting to see how my strength increases.  Previous weight loss attempts helped me learn alot about my thoughts and emotions, this plan is helping me learn a lot about my body and what I can do.  I think, once I get this all figured out, I am going to be a well-rounded person.  I am already feeling so good.  Weight training is where it's at for me, it makes my metabolism rocket, makes me sleep so phenomenally, makes me feel younger/stronger/more energetic.  The drawback?  I may need some new clothes soon.  Seriously, everything is starting to get loose in the waist, to the point of having to pull things up repeatedly.  And at some point, I will have to stop wearing my wedding ring altogether or go get it resized.  Right now I'm wearing it on my middle finger instead of the ring finger, and it is getting loose again.  Not such bad problems to have compared to the alternative.
Well, one more day of the crazy sale at work and things will quiet down.  This weekend there will be sushi and a trip to the zoo, and I'm sure a lot more adventures that I'm not aware of just yet.  Hope y'all have a fantastic weekend too!


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