Legs Insanity

This morning I was happy to wake just a few moments before my alarm went off, and feelilng well-rested.  I'm hoping that means my body is getting accustomed to waking at 4:30, I won't say it's been easy to reset my natural wake time, but I'm happy it is working out.  Most of my morning workouts actually feel slightly rushed, with me having to improvise in the end in order to get everything in and still make it home in time to get myself and my kids ready for the day.  By the time I get to work, I am already feeling like the chaotic part of my day is over. 
Today I trained legs, and it was a little awkward because I have been having weird joint issues with my left knee, a tightness in the back of the knee, and relief comes after the popping noise.  I'm irritated about it because I haven't done any running or stressful things to my knee (other than training, and I am careful to use proper form) but still this annoying joint thing.  Maybe it's the way I sleep.  Anyway, I know the only way to get the knees in a better place is to train the leg muscles around them to help stabalize the tendons.  So I trained them.  I also had a weird ankle thing going on with my right foot, it needed to pop in a bad way, but wouldn't budge.  So I worked through it.  My legs were so completely trashed by the time I got to my last two moves, that I had to shave one set off each of the moves in order to get through it.  As I walked to the locker room afterword, I felt like my legs were just going to give out from under me, they were so shakey.  But that is what needs to happen in order to build muscle.  The crazy thing is, I was using 80 pounds on leg press, and still cranking out 15 reps, so next time I will have to go heavier, as I was only supposed to be getting 8 reps in.  I know my legs are strong, and the leg press is one of the moves where you will use some of your heaviest weights, but I was suprised to see how easy that weight was for me.  My legs are looking nice after all this work.  By next summer I will have to be showing them off all the time!
While reading a blog this morning, the writer was having a contest and giving away gift cards for a T-shirt company, so I went to browse the shirts.  One has a saying that I love: train insane or stay the same.  It feels so fitting for me.  I was training harder than anyone in the gym this morning, and now that I've seen this shirt, I am thinking I might have to have it.  It is so true.  My husband has been going to this gym for more than 3 years now and he said, with the exception of a select few, all of the people working out there still look the same as they did 3 years ago.  Now I know not everyone works out for the sake of changing their appearance, but if that is your goal, you're going to have to progress past the 10 pound weights at some point.  And that is the weight I see a lot of men using on cable moves.  They do it super fast and do like 20 reps. 
I won't get on my soapbox today.  I just liked and felt that shirt a lot.  It gets me really fired up to get back in the gym tomorrow and prove that I am there to make a change in my body.  And I'm not quitting until I'm satisfied!
Hope your Tuesday's off to a fantastic start!


  1. Good point. Funnily enough I was thinking a similar thing at the gym this morning. I have been in a rut for a while, doing the same stuff and rarely changing the weight. Tomorrow I step out of the comfort zone.

    1. It truly does make you feel amazing to push the limits and see what you've got!


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