Last night I almost didn't get to the gym, but I didn't panic.  Autism is a perpetually shifting thing, some days my kids are more bothered by their senses than others.  Last night was a night that my older son was very ADHD-edgy and my younger son was very overstimulated and sensitive to sights and sounds.  So as my husband and I were getting ready for the gym, I was already starting to feel like we were fighting a losing battle.  My youngest, Zach, was so irritated by sensations that he can't stand even the feel of clothes rubbing against his skin, and was lounging naked on the couch, trying to keep his older brother out of his face for two minutes.  They were fighting and annoying each other, and whining.  I came up with a quick 'plan B' just in case this wasn't going to fly.  To bring already agitated children to a small, noisy room with a bunch of other children is asking for trouble.  But after a bit of my husband trying to guilt him and bribe him into going, Zach finally agreed he would go to the gym.  So we went, and I was worried about their behavior the whole time.  I was completely OK with doing this workout at home, most of it was dumbbell-based anyway.
I trained chest, which for me is not an exciting workout.  Maybe because I can't see the results the way I can when I am training, say triceps.  But I did it with everything I had in me.  It was a short workout, and it felt nice being able to get done and pick up the kids a little earlier than usual.  My husband works harder in the gym than anyone I've ever seen.  To the point he is almost crying, his skin turning bright red under the extreme weight.  I sometimes can't believe the amount of weight he can use, and then he tells me, he is going "lighter" right now.  Yikes!  I guess that's why he looks so great.
My kids did end up fighting in the childcare room, their little bodies needing things that typical kids don't need; jumping, pressure, stimulants, quiet, nakedness.  Sometimes I feel like I don't have the strength to meet all their demands (or even understand them sometimes) but then I think of all they have to deal with that I don't, and my apathy dissipates. 
My husband has a planned rest tonight, so I decided I'd do my shoulder workout this morning so that we can have a relaxing evening together at home.  I got in my shoulder workout and my cardio this morning, but I instead of 30 minutes of medium-intensity cardio I had to cut down to 20 minutes of interval cardio.  They are equally effective, and helped me take care of everything in one workout, instead of having to go to the gym twice.  I am looking forward to a quiet night at home. 
In the cardio section of the gym, there are about 12 giant TV's tuned into to various channels, and you can plug in your earphones and listen.  In the early morning, there is never much of interest on, some news, sports, maybe a do-it-yourself show, but mostly infomercials.  And while I never plug my earphones in, I somehow always get sucked into the infomercials.  Todays was for the Brazilian Butt Lift, something called Bum Bum Rapido.  Let me tell you, I caught myself laughing at the absurdity, I must have looked totally insane.  The moves they do (especially the cardio ones which are fast and jerky) look so ridiculous, I can't believe anyone agreed to do them for the commercial.  And there is a testimonial of a lady with an extraordinarily large backside, at first I thought it was computer generated the image was so disturbing.  Then they showed the "after" photo and I just couldn't help but laugh.  Her butt was still just as wide but she had much shorter shorts on, and some of  the area had moved a bit north.  Why would they use this image to promote their product?  How bizarre!  At any rate, it was an entertaining distraction, and a humorous way to start my morning!
I felt really good after my workout and cardio, and even though time was slipping by, I took a little extra time driving home, really enjoying the moment and feeling how vital my body feels and how happy I am right now.  The sky looked amazing as the sunrise painted the grey clouds pink.  I couldn't help but snap a photo to remember this morning.
The pink clouds taste the best.  And they are calorie-free.  ;)
Today's going to be good, because I said so.  Happy Thursday!


  1. I can't imagine how difficult it must be to parent children with needs like that. If you were closer, I'd love to sit down and hear your stories...

    And good for you for the work out! We work so hard on our minds sometimes that we forget our bodies...


    1. My boys are constantly cracking me up with the funny things they come up with. They have challenges but they are so bright and pure. I often think of how ordinary my life would be if circumstances were different.
      You are making me wish I lived closer, but MN is not too terribly far, perhaps I will take a road trip someday!


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