Hear my Popping

This morning, despite the persistent tailbone irritation, I attempted a 5K walk in my neighborhood.  I took some ibuprofen before I left because I had some cramps to contend with anyway.  I felt a ton of popping/snapping stuff going on, but the nice thing is that a good portion of the time, when something would pop my tailbone would stop hurting.  The longer I walked, the less I felt my tailbone, and by the time I completed the walk, I was feeling really good.  I don't want to jinx anything, but I think I am back in service, so to speak.  I feel way more energetic and positive today, despite the Monthly Disaster. 
I am still tracking calories today, even though Mondays are not typical days for me either because I go into work later, so my first meal is much later than on a typical weekday.  I take in less calories in general on weekends and Mondays because I sleep more.  That's a win-win I guess!  So tomorrow should be a more accurate picture of typical caloric intake.  If I keep working out daily I don't think it is going to be an issue whatsoever. 
Today when I was walking I was thinking about how I would react if Elliot suddenly replied to my invite.  The thought of it made me a little queasy, as though I were being asked to do something outside my ethics.  I have already decided that if he is scared or bothered by little ole me that he is probably not mature enough to have a meaningful friendship with.  I could be wrong.  Thinking about him that way does help me move on though.  Maybe he is just painfully shy or has something about his past or present that he's ashamed of.  In the end, my thoughts passed quickly onto the next thought of my friends, and how my last visit to my hometown this fall is going to have to be a major event that we will remember forever.  I can't wait to plan some things.  And beyond that, I have been checking out apartments in California and my family is really excited about our move, talking about all the places we will go explore when we live there.  I have so much to look forward to, that it makes no sense to look backwards!  I am so happy I can walk again without pain, and can move and feel like I'm making a difference in my health.  I am happy that I still have time to build my strength so I don't lose it and end up frail.  I am happy, period.  And that feels mighty good!


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