The Shirt to End all Shirts

Yesterday I didn't start work until noon, and I had plans to workout and do some thrift shopping before work.  My son, however woke up with an ear infection so we headed to the Urgent Care center.  I still had time to do either the workout or the shopping and I chose the shopping, knowing I could get my walk in after work.  I went to a shop I haven't been to in a while, and chose about 8 things to try on, mostly shirts in size XL.  The first shirt I tried was an Old Navy shirt, it looked brand new, it was a red, super soft material and lower cut than I would ever wear to work, but I tried it.  When I looked in the mirror I thought to myself, ah!  They are smart, putting in mirrors that make you look thinner so you'll buy more!  The red shirt might just become a staple in my closet, it highlights my best features and makes me look good.  I found another shirt that's good too, but the red one makes me feel invincible!  When I got home, I had to try it on in my own mirror to see how distorted their mirrors are and I was stunned that it looked just as good at home.  I love it when I find such a treasure thrift shopping!  I could have spent all day shopping in a bunch of stores and not found one I like as much.  I did go for a walk after work, it was perfect weather and I really appreciated the fact that it is essentially summer.  
Today the sales rep from Elliot's lab was in, she's a sweet woman I have known for 5 years so when she mentioned how our usage of their lab had grown, I told her, "You have the cutest guy doing the pickups.  Or at least you did!"  She smiled and joked that they need to consider putting him back on the run and I heartily agreed that it would make good business sense.  All in jest of course, but it was fun to joke about it.  After she left, I started thinking, what if she goes back and tells him I said that? I panicked a little and then I realized it would probably make him feel good.  I don't know if the rep really spends too much time at the lab anyway.  She probably forgot about it before she stopped at her next shop.  
Tonight when I got home, it was 80 degrees and very humid, and I decided to push myself to do a 5K to prep for when I walk it on June 24.  I felt pretty good doing it, despite the fact that my shoes are giving me a blister on the bottom of my foot-I suspect they may be 1/2 size too big and my foot slides too much.  I'll search for a solution and wait patiently for a callus to form.  3/4 of the way through I started to get so freaking hot, sweat started dripping off of me but I was in a zone.  I finished in exactly 1 hour including cool down.  Talk about water consumption!  I definitely torched some calories tonight.  I will be in good shape for my walk, I hope it doesn't get rained out!
I got checked out a few times while walking tonight which kinda makes me laugh and kinda makes me feel good.  The funny thing is, guys who drive a big truck (and a lot of them around here do) have to duck their head down in order to see past their rear-view mirror, which makes them look like they have no neck! It's pretty funny looking!  
My husband and I have been laughing more and joking more and just closer in general and it feels so good and right.  I think, when the dust settles on this little time in my life, I will have learned some valuable lessons and come out the other side happier.  What more could anyone want?  Well, maybe a flirty red shirt for good measure!


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