Thursday...yeah, that's all I've got

I don't feel like I have a lot to say today, but it's good practice to blog.
My boss was at my work today, it's been months since he has been at my site, much less all day.  I finished a big project today, which felt good and made the day go fast. 
After work I had to bring back the shoes I bought last night and it took an hour of trying nearly every pair in the store before I finally found a pair I like in my size.  Part of my problem is that I don't like the swirly, dizzy neon shoes everyone is wearing these days, if my zipper-laiden Convese One Star shoes didn't give me a blister on the ball of my foot I'd wear those as an anti-neon statement.  Anyway, I'm happy I found a pair.  After one more errand, I got home to the smell of french fries baking in the oven, and I was starving so I ate six fries while cooking my eggs.  They weren't that great, that's why I was able to stop at six.  
It looked like it was about to pour rain and I was feeling really restless at the thought of not going for a walk, especially with brand new shows just waiting to be tried out.  When I stepped outside, it was only misting/sprinkling so I decided to take my chances and sneak in a walk.  It actually felt good to have that mist on me, and the walk was nice.  I'm glad I went!  And that's how I've been feeling every day I go for a walk.  I may not be blasting hundreds of calories, but it makes me feel good and sleep good. 
I am getting excited for the plan I have in mind for later this month, but I'll wait to say what it is until I figure out if it is really going to happen.  Waiting is tough when you really want something, it feels like a kid waiting for the carnival to come!  
Well, I guess my brain is too tired to dream up anything else to babble about. Happy Thursday, friends!


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