I did it!

This is a shot from my 5k walk I did tonight.  There were a million beautiful pictures I could have taken because we were right by the river.  There were so many bunnies and baby goslings and pelicans gliding above as if they were in slow motion.  It was beautiful.  And I walked until my blisters had blisters it seemed.  It was structured as a staggered start so everyone started when they arrived and walked at their own pace.  When I walk 3.2 miles in my neighborhood it typically takes me a full hour.  Tonight, despite it being 80 degrees and humid, I finished it in 50 minutes.  I was really proud of that!  
Surprisingly enough, I didn't think about Elliot much at all.  Sure, a small part of me hoped he would have somehow just showed up, but with each person from my work that walked past me, I knew almost all of them and exchanged smiles and hellos.  In a company that has more than 3,000 employees that made me feel kind of great.  And to think that my company supports and encourages these events, it's cool to work at a place that cares about the health of its employees so much.  
I'll admit, the first part of my walk I was feeling a lite bad for myself, focusing on how I was one of the only people walking it alone, everyone else was with friends, family or coworkers.  Then I reminded myself that I chose to walk alone.  I could have had my husband meet me there but it would have meant my kids would have been alone all day and then again in the evening because my younger one cannot walk for longer than a block without being in back or ankle pain. So reminding myself that I chose to walk alone got me out of apathy mode and I sank into the music in my ears, happy to have it for motivation and company.  By the time I hit the halfway point, the endorphins had kicked in and my mood was high.  I was happy that I had the chance to get out and walk in such a beautiful place.  
As I come down from all the buildup, all the drama and the actual event, I feel a slight pull of sadness but it is undefined and might just be tiredness.  I think I'll sleep really well tonight, then tomorrow is a brand new day!  *yawn* Either so much has happened that I am numb or not enough happened for me to talk about.  Think I just need to relax and put it all behind me now.  The next one is a month away, I am considering doing one more and then stopping.  
Hope you all had a great night!


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