No Regrets

Another night of terrible, restless sleep was followed by a long, boring Sunday with a nagging headache.  After a little eye-rubbing and wake time, I had a couple cups of coffee and despite the lingering tailbone irritation, I decided to give walking a try.  I walked 1/2 hour in my apartment, figuring the carpeting would give a little cushion.  There were moments that felt just fine and moments where I could feel that irritation had no intentions of leaving right now, no matter what I have scheduled.  I was happy that I at least walked.  I was starting to feel that if I didn't walk soon, I was going to lose my mojo yet again.
My MD (Monthly Disaster) started today and robbed me of any energy I was anticipating having.  I wanted to clean the house really well to surprise my husband who got forced to work today, but I only got a few things done before I was just too worn out.  I spent the day in a chair, seriously mellow.  I am emotionally hung over and physically feel like I was dragged under a bus after the strength training I did yesterday.  For some reason, though, I was hungrier than normal, and I did question it and check my brain to make sure the hunger wasn't emotional, because that would be understandable, but my stomach truly was growling up a storm about every 2 to 2 1/2 hours.  I typically go 3 hours between eating, so it wasn't a dramatic difference, but I was more aware of it because I decided to track my calories today with my Fooducate app.  It isn't as thorough or useful as other apps out there, but what I like about it is that it tells you what hidden stuff is in your food.  Anyway, I don't have plans to count calories at any point, I was just curious to see where my fall on a typical day. Being that I didn't get out of bed until 9am and didn't eat my first meal until 11am, it didn't end up being very typical, but I'll continue using the app a few more days.  The app tells me I should aim for 1720 calories, I ate 1374 and burned 370.  It's a ballpark idea.  I backed off carbs a little today, just some of the grains because I was feeling a little more knee pain lately.  I'd like to see where my set point is for carbs so I can stay in a relatively good place most of the time. Overall, I did feel like I was able to put the crazy food thoughts out of my mind more today, maybe it was the shift in hormones, but I'm sure some of it had to do with getting the walk in this morning, and the fact that I was tracking my food.
This week for lunch, I will substitute a salad for the tofurkey wrap I was eating, which will mean I am cutting down to two grains and two servings of fruit a day.  Three of each is typically allowed in this phase, but I will listen to my body, to see if it will respond to a slight adjustment.  I don't think it will make much difference in the tailbone thing, but at least in the knee if I'm lucky.
I am usually pretty drained of energy for the first few days of MD, but then I recover pretty quickly, and my resolve is typically iron-clad for a few weeks before the hormones shift again.  I will do what I can on Wednesday for the walk.  Maybe forcing myself to do it goes against my better judgement, but I am a stubborn German, I won't let a little 3 mile walk defeat me!  I can do it, I just have to take a little ibuprofen before hand and pay attention to careful posture and form.  Most of all, I am just really hoping whatever is irritating me will just go away by then.  This is a pebble in the road.  I have a choice to let it trip me up or to simply find a way to get around it.  I will chose my path and have no regrets.


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