All Mixed Up

Last weekend I didn't work out at all.  This weekend, I discovered why I let myself off the hook, despite my desire to make this thing work.  KIDS!  Oh, I did my interval cardio (walking) indoors, and I was bowling over kids and jumping hurdles of toys and wet snow socks along the way.  Then came the weights yesterday, I had to fight with my kids to gain use of my stability ball (which to them is a giant bouncing ball) and warn them several times to "look out" for my weights, which still ended up with my older son walking right into one of the ends of a 10-pounder while I was doing my thing.  About the only workout that went smoothly was the unplanned one, snow shoveling.  No one wanted to help.  With the wind whipping more than 40MPH, I understand.  I got a great extra workout from it, and boy did I sleep GOOD last night!
The blizzard delayed school opening by 2 hours this morning, which jumbled up my morning routine a little, but I managed.  At 6:30 AM I was looking at the weather forecast and state troopers were saying not to drive unless absolutely necessary.  I was tempted to call my kids in sick to school, out of fear of driving to go pick them up later.  Then, I thought about how lame that was, and how, by doing that, I was letting my fear run me.  I am stronger than that.  Yeah, I need new tires, yeah there were trucks sliding around on my street, but if I am careful I should be fine.  And, once the sun came up, I was feeling a lot better about just doing it.  For crying out loud, this is just the beginning of winter, we've got a long way to go!  Yuck!  The old me would have told winter to "suck it", but I have a much more positive outlook these days.  We'll see how that outlook is doing at the other end of winter!
So today starts week 3, that means Phase 1 of South Beach Diet is done.  This first week of Phase 2 I get to add one whole grain and one serving of fruit back into my diet.  It is best to do it slowly like this, so you don't start having sugar cravings again.  I had a piece of wheat toast with Smart Balance light butter with my breakfast, and even though it had gotten cold and soggy by the time I got to eat it, it was DELICIOUS!!  For my snack, I had 2 low fat cheese sticks and the sweetest grapes I have ever eaten.  What a treat!  And, what I think is particularily wonderful about this plan is that, by the time you reach phase 2, you aren't craving junk food, you are craving fruit!  Those grapes tasted like they were soaked in sugar, and they really felt like a cheat food.  It's amazing how your brain gets rewired when you eat clean.  By the way, if you haven't tried frozen grapes, you should.  They rock my world!
My scale said 181 today, which is a 2 pound loss over the week.  I am pretty happy about that, it means I am right on track!  Hoping I can get down to 179 by next Monday, that would be a milestone for me, I haven't weighed less than 180 in probably about 10 years, maybe even more!  There may be more shoveling to do later this week, which will help I'm sure. 
What I have to say to anyone reading, anyone who wants to lose weight, and please know that I have not been paid to say this, the South Beach Diet Supercharged  is really the easiest weight loss plan I've ever followed.  Except for the first two days, when you are breaking the sugar addiction, it doesn't even feel like a diet.  The interval cardio only takes 15-20 minutes to do, and you don't kill yourself.  The Total Body Workout starts easy and gets harder, giving you a chance to build up your strength and even flexibility, and the moves are easy to understand.  Since there are very few limitations to quantity of foods or even how frequently you eat, you will never be hungry.  Once you learn why your body has cravings, you can avoid them altogether.  Even after two short weeks, I am starting to be more in tune with how my body is working, and pick up on the cues that it is time to eat.  If you committ to getting through the first few days of this plan, and you keep the right foods in the house, this is almost foolproof.  Imagine if you started today and lost 2 pounds per week, (and, we don't want to lose it more quickly than that, or you get the ugly hanging skin afterword and put strain on your organs) how many weeks would it take you to reach your goal?  Even if it sounds like a long time, think of how long you have been living unhappy.  For me, I have a photo of myself at age 8, doing a stunt at the swimming pool, lower belly already has the roll of fat.  I am turning 38 at the end of the month.  For me to give a year to myself, in resolve to fix my body and mind, that seems like chump change in comparison to the 30 years I have spent overweight.  Even if it took five years, or ten, just knowing that my goal is accomplishable is what drives me.  What else is there in life?  I will show everyone how, even at my age, I can really kick some booty!
230 days til contest ends, measurements coming Jan 1. 


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