Slippery Slope

Tonight I became painfully aware of how easy one bad thing can turn into a slippery slope of a multitude of negative thoughts and despair.  I didn't get the job I was hoping for, someone more qualified with a lot of relavent experience got it.  I immediately went into bummer mode, and started thinking my whole world was doomed.  I thought of the worst things that could happen and let those them consume me.  What if none of the interviews are fruitful, what's wrong with me that no one wants to hire me?  I am going to lose my car, then how will I get a job?  I am a loser and my husband is working himself to the bone because I can't get a job, he is going to end up resenting me and leaving me I can already guess how my unemployment appeal will go!  I let the negatives flood into me until I just wanted to comfort by eating crap. 
But this is a new journey.  I had to step out of that mode because I was about to let the power of my own thoughts destroy me.  Haven't you ever seen someone self-destructing and just wanted to reach out and shake some sense into them?  I had to stop myself because I knew if I didn't, I would be falling back into old patterns, and who knows how long I would have been on that roller coaster before making yet another attempt to get healthy, the time and trials wearing more and more of my self esteem away.   In the battle over health and weight control, we have to be stronger than our weaknesses. Comfort food is the evil that caused my most hurtful issues.  And by dieting and staying on track, it is like I have that evil trapped outside my locked door.  Why would I want to invite such a monster back in?  One job decline isn't the end of the world.  Maybe that wasn't the job I was meant to have.  Maybe there is something great around the bend that I can't see yet.  Sabotaging my recent victories by eating junk will make me feel like I truly AM a failure, and send me spiralling down into the abyss of self-pity and careless indulgence.  So, I pulled myself up, had a sugar-free popsicle, and when I picked up my kids, realized that I have all the reason in the world to be happy.  Like anything in life, when you reach an obstacle it isn't the challenge that determines your character, but how you handle the challenge.  In rough times, having someone supportive next to you is a blessing, but in all honesty, the best driving force I can think of is to take actions that will enable you to be your OWN inspiration!
I will leave you with a little marinade idea I have been using on my chicken, in an attempt to recreate the Chicken Argentine I enjoyed from the restaurant last weekend.  It is not quite the same, but I love it just as well!
In a storage bag, put some olive oil, Mrs. Dash Fiesta Lime seasoning, Lawry's Seasoning Salt and a splash of cayenne pepper.  Let chicken breasts marinate, grill or cook on skillet and enjoy!  YUM!  It has just a kick of spice to wake up your mouth and get your body buzzing!  It even kicked up my energy level a bit, and THAT is a huge deal!
Hope the next time you hit a bump in the road you reach for some of my chicken recipe instead of something that will derail you.  Here's to overcoming challenges with your mind!


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