Good Day for Up

Yesterday was a challenging day for me.  I feel like I crammed so much into so few hours, then the dreaded snow came.  The roads were so slippery and I am in desperate need of new tires, so I was extra nervous.  But Israel's Christmas concert was yesterday, so I had to squeeze that into my day with everything else, along with freaking out about driving.  After I picked up the kids, all I wanted to do was make it home safely, and we did.  Then I realized that we had movies that needed to be returned to the movie store.  I had run out of time earlier in the day, and now there they sat.  My guilt from being unemployed made me take on the responsibility and return them, despite every fiber of my body thinking it was a bad idea to be driving in those conditions.  I got stuck twice.  Well, semi-stuck.  Both times I was able to get back on track, but it was nerve-wracking.  If I haven't said it before, I HATE DRIVING IN SNOW!!! 
Today, on the other hand, was as close to perfect as a winter day can get.  Sun was shining, temps were up around 30 degrees, snow melted off the street.  I decided to just chill out today, for a change.  I spent time on the couch watching shows I enjoy and writing a letter/Christmas card for my mom.  I saved my workout (weights) for a little later than normal (usually 11 AM, today, 1PM) which gave me so much energy!  I had an awesome workout!  Then, for fun, I tried on some of the things in my closet, things I haven't put on in a while.  All good surprises, everything fit way better, some stuff was even TOO BIG for the first time in like...forever.  That's what's so cool about the South Beach Diet, it is really so simple to convert to this healthier lifestyle, that sometimes I forget that I am losing weight.  I am really noticing it in the size of various rolls of fat decreasing, like the ones under my arms, and my hips are definitely smaller.  And my rings are fitting much looser, I even had to switch fingers for some of them.  Before my first attempt at SBD, my rings were so tight they were nearly cutting off circulation, so this is a huge deal. 
As I got to my older son's school, I was walking briskly, in a great mood, then I began to slip on some black ice.  My knee started to go down, and my back foot was bent funny, but I caught myself.  The stunt, which must've looked like a lunge, could have been bad if my body wasn't already warmed up from my workout.  In fact, if I that had happened a couple weeks ago, with my unhealthy, stiff cold body I probably would have sprained that foot or strained my quad muscle.  I am really glad I made the decision to get healthy.  With only 233 days left until the close of the contest, it's full steam ahead!


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