Unwanted gifts

So, I have a confession.  I weigh myself almost every day.  I know I shouldn't, its counter-productive and shouldn't matter, but because I am so excited, it is nearly impossible for me to stay away from the scale.  On Monday, I was happy to report that despite my chaotic weekend, I had managed to stay at 179, but the past two days I am back up to 180.  Boo hoo, right?  Normally I wouldn't give a second thought to one measly pound, but it is what this particular pound represents to me.  I have been all up and down the 180's and back this year, but never seemed to break to the other side before caving.  This time, I have been sticking to plan, working out consistently if not religiously, and still that guy wants to creep back.  I am trying to convince myself not to be worried about it, that this is just one of many plateaus, but if I'm being honest with myself, there is disappointment.  When I am thinking logically, instead of emotionally, I realize there are a few, positive reasons that this could be happening.  First posibility, in phase 2 of South Beach Diet, you reintroduce grains and fruit, and in this particular week, I am steadily increasing those carbs until I reach 3 grains and 3 fruits per day, which is what is considered a normal, healthy amount.  Carbs give you energy, which is definitely a plus, and they taste good too, but they also make your body retain more water.  Hydration is also a good thing.  So, if that's why I gained one stinky pound this week, still a positive result.  The other posibility, and this is the one I am going with, is that I have gained muscle.  I have really been focused and making the mind-muscle connection when I work with the weights, and it makes a huge difference in the quality of workout I get.  I do this by imagining how I want each muscle to look once I hit my goal, and then squeeze it like I can will it to happen.  Oh wait, I can!   My shoulders are starting to look better all the time, and that jiggle under my arms is starting to tighten up, too.  And when I am doing my reverse crunches, with my legs extended above me, I can't believe how great my legs are starting to look.  So, either of those explanations are positive, and I will try to focus on those.  One thing I will NOT do is let this get me off track.  I know that plateaus are just part of the territory, and usually once you get past them, you have another weight loss.  You have to constantly keep your body guessing or else it gets accustomed to the routine and stops being as effective at losing.   The weight workout I am following changes the amount of reps every 2 weeks, and you only follow it for 6 weeks, then I will have to design or find a different routine.  I wonder if anyone has tried the bands for working out, and if it is effective?  If you have an opinion on tension bands for exercise, please leave a comment! 
As for now, I just finished an awesome muscle workout and am feeling strong and happy.  No matter how many pounds I lose or gain, nothing can compare to that!


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