Wild Weekend

So, last weekend was one of the most chaotic ever.  It started with Friday, running errands, Christmas concerts, early pick-ups of kids, etc.  Friday evening, when my kids were playing so great together all day, Israel tripped over some of Zach's trucks and caught himself funny, sending the bones of his forearm in odd angles.  It was the most horrifying thing I have seen in person, and I nearly fainted several times while trying to get myself and the kids dressed.  Personally, I am so greatful that my husband was there, being a former skateboarder, he has seen (and had) much worse, and he kept his cool while I was trying to keep myself upright.  It was a long night, they needed to keep him overnight because he couldn't be put under anesthesia since he'd eaten less than an hour before it happened.  That is one tough kid!  He never even complained, even after being splinted, his arm twisted in the shape of an S, for 16 hours until they could put him under and realign everything.  He has a cast up to his armpit, poor thing, but he is in unbelievably good spirits. 
Being out of my element meant, being subjected to eating things off plan.  I tried to pick the best choices available, a tuna salad sandwhich, dry salad, and turkey and cheese on some delicious herb (albeit white) bread.  I went hours and hours without eating, didn't take my medicine and didn't sleep much.  So by the time we got home Saturday evening, my metabolism was shot and my energy was drained.  We, as a family, spent most of Saturday and Sunday resting.  I missed my workout on Saturday (weights), but did my cardio on Sunday.  My appetite finally started making a comeback late last night.
Today, I am back on track.  I am happy to announce that my wonderful 179 on the scale has remained, despite the bizzare eating I did over the weekend.  As delighted as I am with that number, I am ready to see it change again, hoping to get down to 177 by next Monday, but with Christmas this week, I will be realistic and hope sincerely, not to gain any weight.  I will plan small cheats, but I think it is best if I stay away from any sugary carbs, which really make me crave and crave and crave once I've eaten them.  My cheats will be in the form of fats, like gravy, and maybe a tiny serving of potatoes.  And I am going to make sure to fill up on water before hand so that I will be less tempted to stray from plan.  Its good to have a plan in place before hand, so that you don't go crazy with carbs.  What tricks have worked for you at holidays?  I will try to exercise restraint at the two parties I am going to, and will definitely let you know how it goes!  Yikes!  Only 223 days until the contest ends!  That will certainly be in the back of my mind when I am surrounded by yummy food. 


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