Details, Details

The longer I stay on South Beach Diet, the more it becomes a non-issue for me.  Today was normal, not much to report.  I didn't get to see Elliot today, it must have been his day off.  It didn't really bother me, but when I found out I'll be having a delivery tomorrow it did perk up my interest a little.
I have noticed two patterns that I am going to keep an eye on this week.  One is that I am forever missing my mid-morning snack, then I get stark-raving hungry by about 11 am, and I get breaked for lunch anywhere from 11-1.  So, today I ate two string cheese sticks and then someone came to relieve me for lunch 40 minutes later.  Geneen Roth warns about "eating for a future hunger" and I have been falling into this trap due to this strange cycle.  I eat my lunch during my lunch break, even though I'm not hungry, but I think to myself, but if I don't eat now and it gets really busy, then I won't get to eat my lunch and I'll starve!  That is eating for the future hunger.  Not hungry now, but if I don't eat now I'll regret it later.  There wont be enough, I'll be hungry and miserable.  Its a hard habit to let go of, but with a little more awareness I'm sure I can fix it.  I figure my two choices are to A, concentrate on getting that mid-morning snack in so I'm perfectly ready for lunch or B, if I just ate and I'm not hungry, I can use my lunch break to take a walk or just do something relaxing instead of eating.  It needs work.  I am on it.
The other pattern I am noticing that past couple days is that I start out feeling pretty tired/rough in the morning at work (I suspect the building has mold as I am in the basement) and a short while after I eat my lunch, I get a little burst of energy and start looking forward to my walk after work.  I am eating hummus wraps this week for lunch, chalk full of dark power greens, onions, low-fat feta cheese and kalamata olives.  They are really tastey and apparently make me feel good.  If it happens again tomorrow I'll know it's not a fluke.
Went for a walk with my husband again tonight.  I was tired by the time we got home, and I could tell that I was trying to compensate for my weak muscles, but it feels so good to be able to be active again!  And, I am falling back into that weird spot where my underwear feel really saggy in the back, it is the strangest sensation, I swear!!  Nevertheless, it helps me realize that good things are happening.  I FEEL GOOD, like my body was motionless for months and finally got the OK to get a big, long STRETCH!  I feel good like having your back scratched.  I feel good like putting a sweater on when you are cold.  My confidence is back, my figure is slowly trying to peak out, I even have cheekbones again.  I didn't know how desperately I was living until I awoke.  Evil, evil sugar!  Who knew it could rob me of so much?  Well, I am just glad I found out now before I ended up needing a walker or a wheelchair for my birthday, lol!  I can't wait to see what the next year brings.


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