Let's Hope it's Catching

Today was one of those days when I just felt good.  I had more energy, I was in a good mood, work was smooth, and my hormones are starting to shift to a better place.  It's good to start the day off feeling good.  
For some reason when I was getting ready for work this morning, I had an overwhelming feeling (intuition? Wishful thinking?) that I would see Elliot today.  It didn't happen, but I was still in a great mood.  Then in the afternoon, I found myself thinking about him so much that I had the idea of writing him a letter that I would give him when I go.  The intention was not to write it so it could be given to him, but to write it so I feel better, then I can put those feelings down on paper, let them juggle around in my head for a while, then toss the letter.  It helped me a lot.  It helped put things back into perspective, helped me to realize that I was the one shining, and I can do it without any help.  
Tonight I got to walk by myself!  It sounds so selfish and awful but I really don't like when people want to walk cardio with me.  I like to put on my headphones and think about stuff and walk where I want, at the pace I set.  When my husband comes he always wants to turn back before I'm ready and when my son comes, he walks kind of slow and barely makes it back before he's complaining that his back or ankles hurt.  Plus, the music is so powerful for a workout.  Anyway, I had an awesome walk tonight.  
I didn't do any strength training yet this week, it was a bad week for that due to low iron levels, but I'll think about it for next week or even this weekend.  
Well, short and sweet tonight, going to get some good sleep in hopes tomorrow will feel just as good.  


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