Friday Feels Fabulous

Today had Friday written all over it!  Everything went so smoothly.  I don't when the last time I said that was.
At the place I work, we  have a charity called Casual for a Cause on Fridays, which means that if you make a donation, you get to wear relaxed dress code.  I have been trying to come up with some stuff to wear that makes me feel good, which was part of the reason I went thrift shopping last weekend, but came up empty.  So, just for the heck of it, I went to the storage bin in my closet.  It is filled with clothes I used to fit in when I lost the weight, and a few items that I bought that didn't fit at the time, but I knew I'd regret passing up.  One such item was purchased in fall last year, a 3/4 sleeve Calvin Klein super soft T-shirt, with a just-high-enough-to-not-reveal-the-"jewels" neckline, and adorable muted blue stripes.  It looks kind of punk and I love it, but it was too small to be flattering when I bought it.  But when I tried it on today, it really accentuated my good qualities and was actually flattering to my current figure.  I paired it with a long jersey skirt and my converse shoes and I looked adorable.  I was getting compliments all day and I felt really good.
By the time Elliot came through, I was actually free today so we talked for a few minutes, and he finally opened up about what he does at the lab.  He was really kind of shy, but I'm glad he took a few minutes to talk.  I think I will start drawing more information and conversation out of him the more I see him.  Those are the best few minutes of my whole work day.  I'm not imagining him into something more than he is, I think we could be friends.  Not friends that hang out, but like, we both have to be here so we might as well talk a little.
I am not going to walk tonight, but everything about today made me feel energized and happy and I know I will get back into the activity.  Just knowing that I am getting to a point where I can wear things that make me feel good, despite being very overweight still, is a sign that feeling good is driving me, and I can take happiness from life before I am thin.  I have some other things in the works too, they involve my husband, and I think it will bring us closer than ever.  In less than a year we will be moving cross country to California, and I feel like everything in my life has been building up to this, this happiness, this move, this peace I am feeling, this self-discovery and renewal.
Now, I am going to go enjoy a couple glasses of wine while I watch American Idol, because the rest of my weekend will be spent on homework and studying as I prepare for my final week of the semester next week (ie, final exams, ugh).  Hope everyone had a killer Friday and gets to enjoy some awesome weather this weekend!


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