Mush Brain

Yesterday had me grateful that I didn't do cardio and saved my energy for other things.  I did some housework for a couple hours, then we headed up to a waterfall just outside of the city.  The water level is so low that we were able to walk very near the waterfall.  It was an amazing place, the rock walls looked ancient, and were letting water pass through seemingly from mid-air.  All the plant life was so stunningly green and the sound of the waterfall was refreshing.  
I was proud of myself for climbing on wiggly rocks and getting through our expedition without getting hurt or falling in the water.  It was especially slippery because recent rains had turned the path to slippery mud.  My sons both got some scrapes from slipping, but thankfully it was just a few minor hiccups on our Sunday adventure.  We went to another spot along the bay, and it was so relaxing just watching the waves roll in and out.  It was a pretty good Sunday.  
Today at work was so boring!  I didn't have one sale at all and since I came in late to close, I wasn't there for our lab drop-offs.  I might not get to see Elliot much this week, we don't have any work going out and we only have 2 orders coming in.  Anyway, I am going to try and make this week awesome despite.  
I felt really tired today, like I'm still burnt out from the weekend, but I also realized that it's been 2 days in a row that I haven't worked out and that was starting to lead to a "who cares" attitude.  I am keeping my eye on my mood and actions to see where things are going.  I think I am legitimately tired, I was up late talking to my husband and got less sleep than normal.  I am going to get better sleep tonight for sure.  In fact, right now!
Hope your Monday was good. Ill be back when my brain's not mush!


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