Burning off the Za

It took a lot of patience to get through my morning weight session, both on the part of myself and my kids.  My husband had to work today, so it was just me and the boys.  When I began my workout, they were busy on the computer and watching TV, but they caught on to my absence in a hurry, and were continually goofing off too close to me for comfort.  I love my boys and always want them around, but there has already been one incident where one of them walked into my weight as I was working out, and too many close calls got me to the point of extreme irritation.  I found myself yelling at them and sounding like a crochety old witch.  I even went so far as to move my workout spot and put up a line for them not to cross, in order for them not to get accidentally bumped by me or my weights.  They were as understanding and obedient as a six and seven year old could be, even when I spent an additional half hour doing cardio afterword.  When I was done I made sure they knew the reasons why the can't be playing around where mommy's working out, for their own safety.  It really threw my concentration off, and made me realize how spoiled I am to have so much alone time during the week.  It also confirmed my need to join a gym.  I have hesitated only because I don't know what my schedule will be like once I get a job, and I am really really hoping BIG that I get the job I am interviewing for on Monday. 
I worked out really hard today, and followed with a high intensity cardio session, no intervals today, just straight high-intensity for a half hour.  Hoping to torch off some of the calories I consumed last night.  My husband is really miserable at his job right now, and for the first time since I met him 10 years ago, is not a body builder, so he is finding comfort in food.  He has a metabloism like none I've ever witnessed, he can eat an entire Domino's pizza, and wake up the next day 2 pounds lighter.  I mean it, since he decided he was done with body building in late January, he has lost 30 pounds and still going.  But that is how his genetics work, it is hard for him to keep weight on him, he is naturally a thin person with a fast metabolism who will not need to worry much about keeping a super-strict diet.  Me on the other hand, have the genetics that equate to having to always be careful what I eat, and being aware of the chemical reactions that lead to downfalls. 
After my workout, I took some phots in the same poses as the original "before" photos that I took when I entered the contest.  They are not meant to be "after" photos, as I realize I have a long way to go before I reach my goal, but they are a way to see my "in progress" gains.  It really helped me to see the side-by-side comparison, to see where I've made progress and how far I have left to go.  Honestly, sometimes I feel like I'm almost to my goal, and then I take a photo of myself, and everything in the middle of me looks horrible, like it hasn't changed at all.  So seeing the photos from today helped me realize that, even though my gut is still huge, there has been quite a bit of progress.  That does great things for my mind and spirit.


  1. The difference in the photos is certainly noticeable. Your posture is also better. Good going.


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