Still Learning

The things that led to me having the most lackluster weight session today:
1.  We were out of bread this morning, due to my son consuming his weight in turkey sandwhiches as of late, so instead of substituting and having some other form of grains, I skipped my serving of grains for breakfast this morning.  So all I had was turkey bacon, eggs and a small orange.  Maybe that isn't the biggest factor, but those slow-digesting carbs can come in handy when working out.

2. I only had one cup of coffee this morning, and no other caffeine until right before my workout.

3. I didn't workout until 1:30 PM.  My body doesn't like working out after noon.  Just feels twice as hard to get inspired to do it, and even harder to get through it.

4.  I waited too long in between my breakfast and my snack.

It was all for good cause, I scored a really big interview with a hospital/health center for Monday morning, and I was out searching for a new interview outfit to buy, because the one I  have is so big that it looks sloppy.  I detest trying to find interview wear.  Everytime I shop, I run into the same issues with sizing being so off.  I didn't find any gems, so the search will continue.  While I was out, I stopped to get some groceries.  The store I went to has a Subway in it, and boy did it smell good!  I was trying to plan out what I could possibly eat that would be "on plan" for me, and discovered the only thing that would, is a salad, and I could make that at home.  So, despite it being nearly four hours since my last meal, I didn't get any food while I was out.  Let me tell you, every treat and snack looked good to me in that state!  I'm glad I know why, and am able to reason with myself.  When I got home, I popped a caffeine pill (200 mg), had a protein shake, and strapped on my shoes to get ready for a workout.  It was aweful.  I felt like my limbs were made of lead.  I was improperly fueled, inspired, and caffeinated.  I was breathing like I was running a marathon, and needing more breaks than usual, unfocused and unenthused.  After two circuit sets, I decided to stop.  My body and mind were just not where they needed to be to continue, and nothing good ever comes from that scenario.  Though I am disappointed about the workout, I'm glad I at least gave it a go, and got two sets in.  My muscles are still shakey and tired, so I at least did some good.  I think part of being successful with any goal is realizing that some days are just going to be a little lower-key than others.  Not every workout can be "the most intense".  So, I am going to let this one go, and chalk it up to a learning experience, and try to avoid my mistakes for next time.  Hope everyone is having a successful day!


  1. It happens to us all, don't beat yourself up over it. I have found that I am more sluggish in the afternoon and had to cut workouts short as my mind wasn't right.
    Try a turkey breast salad at Subway, I have a squirt of honey-mustard on mine.

  2. Thanks Fraser! It was just an off day. I actually woke up a little sore from the work I did, so I have let it go. As for Subway, I have had a lot of turkey breast salads, and they are tastey. I like the red wine vinegar on mine. I used to avoid Subway like the plague when I started dieting, but now I find that just smelling the bread baking is almost as gratifying as eating it used to be. Is that strange?


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