I'm Back Baby!

My two day haitus was just what my body needed to rejuvinate and recover from the stresses I was putting it through.  I woke today feeling revitalized and ready to get back down to business.  I am happy to say that since the week began, my mind-food connection is back where it needs to be as well, and I was able to ditch that horrible, nagging feeling that I just want to crunch on something.  My kids had a 1 hour late start for school today, so I got up at my normal time and did my cardio before they woke, which was so peaceful and pleasant.  It was a shorter bout of interval cardio today, which was a nice way to ease back into training.  I think tomorrow I may join the gym my husband belongs to.  It is mere minutes away from my house, and only $10/month, and the best part, they have a pool.  The clientel is comprised mostly of elderly folks who like to sit in the sauna/whirlpool, so the weight/cardio area is pretty quiet, I am told.   I have a brand new Planet Fitness right by my house too, and they charge the same amount, but I refuse to join that gym on principal.  They don't allow body builders, and if you make too much noise when you lift, an alarm sounds and you are asked to leave.  Guess what, when you truly push yourself, you are going to make sound.  I will not rant forever, I am just offended by their very existence, and surprised no one has sued them yet. HMPF!
It is hard for me to not go from zero to 100 right away my first day back.  I feel like I might just do an extra cardio session later, just because I feel so good.  That would defeat the purpose of taking a break in the first place, so I will refrain, but the mindset is there.  Funny, if at any point someone would have told me there would come a day when it would make me fidgety and restless to miss a workout, I would tried to have them committed.  But here I am, finally understanding what was driving my husband for all those years.  Maybe this would be a good time to show a photo of him, so that people don't just think I am biased because he is the man I love.  That's him at his first ever show, in May 2010.  He took second place in his weight class, and I was so very proud.  When I met him he was a skinny skateboarder, about 135 pounds, and he said, "I'm sick of being skinny" and the rest is history.  That was in 2001, a body like this takes years to build.  So now you see why I consider him an expert when it comes to all things nutrition and exercise.  He is the kind of person who doesn't know "maybe", and in the past, I could never understand that because I am all about the grey area, all wishy-washy.  But now, for the first time ever, I get it.  I am in control of my destiny, and no one can tell me I can't make my wish come true.  I'm going to take this thing to tip of the mountain, and boy, won't the view from the top be a vision!


  1. Blimey, your husband is cetainly committed. I have never heard of a gym where alarms sound if you make too much noise. I know that some people find gyms intimidating with all the testosterone on show but my gym has a section for ladies only.


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