Keep Moving

My walk from my son's bus stop to my front door went like this in my head:
I am so tired.  How am I going to find the energy to do cardio?
I have to do cardio.
I could save it for later.
It would be less effective after eating.
I don't want to do it.
I need to do it.
What am I working toward anyway, I know I will not win the contest.
If I don't get back on track, I will be allowing myself to go in the opposite direction.
I have no energy.

There was more of the same, despite it being a short distance between the bus and my house, but I was trying to convince myself to workout.  I didn't have a reason not to do it, other than the fact that I was being lazy.  I am 99% back to health after being sick last week, and I haven't worked out since Tuesday.  I feel the difference in my body.  I have used the lack of energy excuse in the past, to not even begin an attempt at weight loss, and have used it to skip workouts in the past as well, when I was half-heartedly trying to "get skinny".  But I have been doing this long enough to realize that energy comes from moving.  If you don't move, you don't have energy.  So, I did my cardio.  It felt a little more challenging than usual, but not as bad as when I first started out.  I wish I could say that every day I wake up, I look forward to my workout, but that just isn't true.  And if I am correct in my assumption, that is the way most people feel.  But truth be told, I dread the thought of doing these necessary evils much more than the actual doing of them.  I usually feel quite exillerated after a good sweat-producing workout.  And working out has the added side-effect of making me want to eat healthy, so I didn't do that work for nothing. 
This weekend, my father-in-law asked to watch the kids, so my husband and I went out to dinner at our favorite Indian restaurant, and a movie.  I had a delicious Tandoori Chicken in curry, and this time, I indulged in a bit of white rice, which I usually abstain from.  I also tried Lambrusco for my first time, and decided it is my new favorite wine!  My husband and I shared a basket of garlic Nan bread (stuff of the heavens) and then we were off to see King's Speech.  What a beautiful, human movie!  That capped off a great night.  I normally try to keep my cheat meals lower carb than I did this time, but i figured white rice definitely has to have a lower glycemic index and fat content than pizza, which is the cheat meal we've resorted to the past 2 weeks.  All told, I ended up right back at 168 this morning, after the flux during the week due to being sick. I must admit, seeing 166 on the scale was a novelty, but the reason behind it was not desirable!  It is a little hard to get back on track, mentally, but I will get there.  I can't imagine going back to where I came from, that is my own personal nightmare!  Happy new week everyone!


  1. The internal dialogue when you are talking yourself into doing something is odd, isn't it? Giving up smoking I used to try and justify having a cigarette, then talking myself out of it. It is like having three people in your head. Two of them arguing and one observing them argue. This makes me sound a bit mental.


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