Not Much to Say

In the past two days, I have been inside 4 different medical facilities.  On Wednesday, Zach had a physical exam, to be sure he was healthy enough to go under anesthesia (for dental work) on Thursday.  Then we had to go to the dental office because the hospital's dental X-ray equipment was down.  Then on Wednesday evening, my older son came down with an ear infection, so it was back to the ER to have that taken care of.  Yesterday was Zach's dental procedure, which had us in the hospital most of the day, but I am happy to say, he came through it just fine, and we are gratful he was able to get the work done all at once.  Israel will finally get to the doctor on Monday, to get the ball rolling on a posible ADHD diagnosis, and I hope that will be the last of the appointments for the near future.
So yesterday was kind of an off day for me, as my entire day was focused on Zach.  I let my eating intervals slide for more than 3 hours apart, even though I ate all on-plan things, I know my metabolism took a hit yesterday.  I also didn't do any exercise at all.  I was supposed to do weight training, but there wasn't an opportunity until late evening, and by then I was so exhausted from a stressful day (not to mention, still sore from Tuesday's workout!)  As a matter of fact, I am even a bit sore today yet.  I guess I found a good combo of moves to do for now.  I did my cardio this morning, and it felt good to be back in my groove, and it made my stomach growl fiercely as soon as I began.  The boys are on spring break next week, so it will be extra challenging to get my workouts in, but I will perservere!
This spring weather is putting me in the mood for some new, upbeat music to workout to.  I haven't listened to the radio in months, so I have some catching up to do.  What are your current faves that get you fired up in the gym? 
Hmmm.  I don't have a whole lot on my mind today, so I'll end with a wish for you all to have an awesome weekend!


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