Quick Update

I spent all day and night Tuesday repairing and moving furniture.  It was a major undertaking, since we haven't moved our large pieces of furniture since we moved in two years ago.  By the time I went to bed I was so physically exhausted, and things were still not all back in place.  I awoke at 2AM with a horrible stomach flu, and spent all yesterday resting.  I was eating things that I normally don't, just because they were the most bland things in the house.  Toast with honey and ginger, animal crackers, ramen noodles (could only get a few of those down) and cinnamon toast waffles.  When I feed these things to my kids I always feel envious of them, because they smell so good.  But, they really don't taste as good as they smell, which is good for me, so I don't get hooked on any of it.  One of my sons got it, and is home with me today, we are expecting a phone call from his brother's school at some point today, but Zach insisted on going to school today, because he has a field trip to see Pinnochio on stage.  We shall see.
I am feeling quite a bit better today, still sore and a little weak, but good enough to eat my normal foods and try to get my living room put back together. 
We also lost one of our pet mice, Sweet Pea on Tuesday overnight.  It has been a chaotic couple days.   I'm going to give my body a break from working out until my energy level returns.
Hope everyone's rocking out their goals!  Have a great day!


  1. Rest up, get well soon. And sorry about Sweet Pea.

  2. Ditto, hope the boys...are "coping," well w/ the "loss" of their lil "friend!" :/ :-(


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